Hidden Treasures | Chesters By the River, Vegetarian Café

Hidden in the footpaths and windy lanes of the Lake District is Chesters By The River, a quirky and modern vegetarian restaurant/café, which welcomes dogs too with the only rule that once they start to outnumber people (and this has happened) that no more will be let in. 

Naturtint CC Cream & Vital 5 Hair Mask | CF Haircare

Through Autumn come winter, my hair always needs some tender lovin' care between dying it and using heat on it to restore some life. Using heat on my hair and dying it so often have been the two things that make my hair lack a little lustre sometimes and I've been trying EVERYTHING to bring it back to it's regular shine.

Sunday Post #9 | Autumn Homeware Wishlist

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It's been a long while since my last wishlist, but by this time next week I'll be properly moved into my new place for my final year of uni. I can't stop scouring the shops and internet for gorgeous homeware because having a place of my own and being able to do it up is a god send, honestly. I've found that with getting older has come a new love of being independent. 

Being at home (the one with my family) is wonderful, I wouldn't change my home life for the world but the allure of personal space has got me in it's grip. There's nothing more novelty to me than being able to decorate a place exactly how I want it, making it a representation of me- somewhere I feel completely chill and at home.

Dealing with Esteem Demons | Self Confidence

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On social media we all look like the Hollywood version of ourselves, or at least we try to. I'm heading to a couple of blogger events next month and something I'm irrationally nervous about is people thinking I look totally different in real life (which of course I look different, can't filter these freckles and stray brow hairs in real life can I?).

Inside my Pocket Bullet Journal ✏️ September UPDATE

Has it really been a full month since I last showed you my bullet journal? It's unbelievable that I've actually kept up with it though sneakily I've been using a new planner alongside to properly write down what I'm doing everyday. Changing the way I'm using the journal to suit me is probably what's kept me referring back to it.

I still have my index, key, goals and some post ideas have been migrated from August to September because I couldn't write all of the posts last month or I've grown tired of some of the ideas, but here's what's changed! :

Sunday Post #8 | Everything I Use to Blog & Vlog 💻

Hello everyone! Firstly I wanted to thank you if you've been reading my blog lately, for making this summer the best few months my blog has seen- the growth here has been amazing, it's so humbling receiving and returning comments from real peopleeee! Makes me feel like there really are people out there who read my ramblings.

I'm hosting the Bloggers Do It Better (#BDIB) chat tomorrow night at 7pm and it's my first time hosting a chat EVER. Understandably I'm super nervous so please come and say hi! The topic will be 'Changing with the Seasons'. This is going to cover everything from yourself to blogging!

So enough waffle. This post has been on my mind for a little while now as I realised just how many things I own, inspired by blogging or for blogging. Hopefully this will help any new or student bloggers that are following me as I don't have a lot of money to blow lately (being in my final year of university, I can't believe I survived the others) but blogging is a passion of mine and I'd like to show that you CAN blog and do Youtube on a budget!

Favourite Skincare Duo for Cleansing & Nourishing

Skincare is becoming increasingly more vital in my daily routine, especially since around this post in July (nothing to do with the post, simply a marker I can explain) I’ve had really bad dry skin around my eyes which I can only assume is eczema or psoriasis. Kill meeeeee. Winter slays my skin without having a condition on top of it haha. Do any of you have eczema or psoriasis? How do you deal with it?

But this is what I really wanted to talk about; since making the switch to only purchasing cruelty free products I’ve discovered SO many new brands I hadn’t even heard of before, one being Odylique.

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