Happiness: The Jar

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Over the past two years I've been making conscious decisions to be happy.

I once saw a quote that said "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life." while I was on a day out with my mum. Now usually, I'd pass by these 'inspirational' quotes and brush them off because we see them everywhere, from Facebook and twitter to shop windows and t-shirts. So much that after reading so many they become mockable and boring. 

But for some reason this one really sank in! I think I'd been struggling at the time and constantly searching for a reason to smile on days where I just felt down. Since then, I've grown as a person and come to the realisation that happiness is indeed not a destination, not something to search or aim for but the little stepping stones you walk on everyday. Having this mentality helped me so much.

I decided to start writing events that had happened (no matter how big or small they were) on little pieces of paper and putting them in a jar for safe-keeping, which I then read with my boyfriend Josh at the end of the year. Even though I wasn't dwelling on these good and great things that were happening to me, I was acknowledging them and consciously choosing not to let myself be affected by the bad things.

Learning to seek out the light in situations slowly became a habit (Not in a naive way, like I don't think of consequences at all) while I became unknowingly more present. It also helped me to get 'in tune' with myself and notice when I was feeling sad and why, what I could do to cheer myself up and the positives I could look at instead. 
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Don't get me wrong, feeling sad sometimes is healthy!

For me, being happy means being motivated and vice versa. In a creative industry like the one I'm in, that is vital to live! So every new year for the past couple of years- after all of the partying and the stagger home- I get to read all of the great things that have happened, the nice things that people said to me and more. It really keeps me going!

What are your methods for staying peppy? Do you have a new mentality or hobbies that keep you going? Let me know!

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  1. It took me a while, but I decided on concentrating on my own happiness only 2 years ago. Decided to do a job I would actually enjoy and care about, decided to make things that would please me rather than others. And say yes more often, which lead to more opportunities and adventures!

    Great post! and as I say all the time: "you can sacrifice some things in life, but never give up on things that make you happy" :)

    Helena's Teabreak ☕

    1. Yes! Sometimes being a little selfish and putting yourself and your own happiness before everyone else's is a good thing. Gotta have a little me time! Great quote :) Thanks Helena! x