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2015 seems to have been an excellent year for Regal Rose. Among new releases, back in June the amazing Hannah Sykes collaborated with Regal Rose to make this beautiful line of jewellery. Lately, with winter settling in and layers upon layers of clothes, I've found it a super nice touch to adorn my hands and ears with rings and chains galore. 

The piece I chose (the range has five amazing pieces in total) was Bodhi. Bodhi means enlightenment, illumination and clarification. Inspired by buddhism and art culture in eastern Asia, each design is 14k gold plated and sterling silver. Which means no nasty infections and a delicate yet tough piece of jewellery! It arrived in a gorgeous drawstring black bag with the collaboration logo printed in gold foil.

gold nose ring and chain

Since the age of 14 I've had my nose pierced and used to only ever wear studs, until I became more comfortable with rings. Now I feel naked if I leave the house without one in!

After years of wearing nose rings I know that they can become brittle from shaping and snap- unfortunately, I wore this once and the nose ring snapped.

However, I sent an e-mail over to Drop Dead explaining the issue and was greeted by a fast response, friendly phone call and a new Bodhi for free in the post the next day. Due to hygiene issues they couldn't take the old one back (which I really don't mind!), so I've used the pendant and swapped the ring for a dangly hook. I could also put it onto a necklace if I wish.

hannah sykes nose ring
My new Bodhi arrived and has been safe and sound ever since. Maybe I was rough with it or maybe it was just a brittle one-off, either way I absolutely adore it and would love to get my hands on the rest of the collection, Ananda necklace in particular! 

I'd say the price is reasonable considering they're gold plated and comfortable to wear, but if you're thinking of ordering this please check the gauge (0.6) to see if it matches your current piercing size. 

Definitely hoping to see more from DDxBSxRR, maybe they'll collab again soon! What's your favourite piece of the collection?


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