Going Home & Mini Beauty Haul | VLOG

You might have noticed my posts have been slacking a little this week (you can't polish a turd but you can throw a little glitter on it) because I've been prepping so hard for moving out without having a chance to sit down and enjoy a good writing session. I also have two vlogs after this one that I'm yet to publish which kind of sum up those busy days for you. 

There are some posts planned for the coming week that I'm excited to share, on; organisation, preparing for third year of university, more beauty reviews, a reflection on the last 200,000 years- I know right, and possibly a brow tutorial as requested on Twitter and Instagram as well as lots of other new content next week! So this is a little bit of a filler post until those go up. A catch up if you will!

Here's my new vlog. On this day I was leaving Preston to come home for summer after moving into our new house (moving vlog to come) and this is actually the first time Alex met my family except for the time Laura and I went to see Coldplay and she stayed over. If we're together for a long time then this is going to be pretty sweet to look back on!

I'm super happy with this vlog and hope you guys like it. 

I won't be creating a vlog post for every single video anymore, just 'special' ones so keep checking back on my YouTube channel to stay updated.

What have you been up to lately?
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