Seventeen Easy On The Eye Palette, The Big Smoke Review

I think in Winter, it's nice to go for colder colours in my make-up as my complexion is so much paler than it is in the summer (not that I ever really tan). My freckles go into hiding and my favourite wooly jumpers come out, along with the shimmeriest greys and blues of the season.

The Big Smoke* is a palette I've been dipping into a few times a week for that colder winter make-up that makes you look fierce as hell, when it's freezing outside and the wind turns your cheeks pink. It's a 12 shade palette (including one primer, a double ended brush and a mirror) with a range of colours from stone-grey to khaki green, bowie lookin' purple and aluminium metallics. Three of the shades in SEVENTEEN's sleekly designed palette are actually creams, which are my favourite right now!

I've always been more of a warm-toned eyeshadow kind of gal, but at the moment I can't get enough of blending a little cool grey into almost every look I do. 

I say the creams are my favourite because they're much more pigmented than the powders. I've seen a couple of reviews saying that they're a little too greasy but I've not found that. My skin isn't particularly oily and since fixing up my drylids a few months ago they've not been too dry either! Lately my skin has been a little sensitive though so I've been wary of putting on new products, on my lids especially, but this has been fine on sensitive areas and comes off easily.

That feature is a good thing and a bad thing. If I put a little too much on I can blend it out without powder settling everywhere and the glitter stays well, but by the end of the day most of the eyeshadow that's left is in my crease. I'm not sure if to blame the palette or the primer.

With some colours being more pigmented than others you may have to dab them on your skin before applying to gauge how much you need. In this palette, the purple is most bold and greys are less so.

Tip: Apply the less pigmented shades with a slightly damp brush and see the difference.

Above is a super quick look I did using the blues and greys with SEVENTEEN's 'Looking Buff' on my lips. I absolutely love the shade of blue in The Big Smoke palette* as even though I have green eyes, it really makes my eyes pop! Especially when blended with more subdued colours. 

Honestly, the only shade this palette is missing is one that allows you to transition from highlight to lid, making it not the only palette you'll need if you need to head out for the night. On the plus side, it's so sleek and light that it fits in alllll of my bags!

Overall I love the combinations in this palette and have been using the creams alongside my Morphe 35O, they compliment so many warmer shades too making this a pretty perfect buy if you're into experimenting. At £4.99 (down from £7.99) I'd say it's worth the pennies, but not at full price. Seventeen are waaaay on top of their lipstick game so their eyeshadows aren't as great in comparison. 

What do you think of these colours? Have you tried SEVENTEEN make-up yet?


*this post contains products sent to me for review. All words and opinions are my own!

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