Joan Collins Class Act Lash Growth Treatment | Review

In search of fluttery lashes for Spring, I decided to try out Joan Collin's Class Act Lash Growth Treatment* for 30 days. This burlesque-like, art deco, glamorously packaged product has been said to help grow your lash length by 169% (please, tell me how you worked this out!) and increase volume of your lashes in 30 days of using it once a day. 

Firstly, I'm obsessed with this packaging! It reminds me a little of Charlotte Tilbury's but killlllls it as a complete set with the JC Compact Duo, you can tell it's a part of Joan's Timeless Beauty Range. I've not noticed any long term growth, but after putting it on nightly I noticed that my lashes were a little longer in the mornings when applying my regular mascara. 

I guess this is because the clear lash treatment coats your lashes and stays there, giving you some extra length that you can see when putting regular mascara on top. Essentially, this clear mascara is a perfect base for putting your regular mascara over if you want fuller lashes. 

I found that curling my lashes before putting it on, then applying on the top and bottom gave the best effect and definitely supplies you with that instant boost, really good if you're about to go on a night out and can't be bothered with falsies (this is me, every time). 

Out of curiosity I started putting this on my brows, haha, and it really works! My brows grew thicker, though I do already have to trim them straight with little scissors on the regs. The treatment gives you the perfect 'soap brows' look, doesn't flake off your skin and is an ideal sculptor, though I can't help but wonder if you can achieve this with any old clear mascara.

That said, I'll keep using this until it runs out for sure! Joan Collin's Timeless Beauty range has really, really impressed me so far. My everyday face powder continues to be her compact duo which hasn't even hit pan yet, go Joan! Perhaps if I continue using this product, my lashes will grow. For now, I remain a little skeptical.

This product is totally worth it for a quick fix or extra morning boost but if you're looking for semipermanent lifted lashes I suggest LVL treatment as it looks incredible on everyone who's had it so far! At £20, the price for this product is a little steep (for any mascara, right?!) but the quality of the formula is undeniably divine. 

Have you tried out any lash treatments or are you sceptical too? I really want LVL lashes!


*This product was sent to me to try out. All words and opinions are entirely my own!

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