Gold For The Soul & Advice Box? | SP #18

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Hey all! HAPPY DAY AFTER APRIL FOOLS DAY when I can finally take the internet seriously, am I right? 

As you might know, it was my 21st birthday last week, which I spent in my home town with my family (after a lovely day with Alex at the local teahouse eating amazing vegan food, gulping down cactus tea and chilling in the sunshine) and it was perfect. I also treated myself to some gorgeous earrings this week as I've been obsessing over gold lately. Have you heard of Kintsukuroi? >

This is such a beautiful concept to me (if you look it up, the pieces are beautiful too). So, not that I've been broken or anything quite as melodramatic but right now wearing gold is making me suuuuuper happy.

These earrings were from a little shop on eBay and my nose ring was handmade by a lady in Jaipur! I like to think that wearing things that someone put care, attention and love into gives me some kinda good karma. My sister got me these necklaces for my birthday which I believe are from Topshop. They're so dainty and gorgeous!

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This post is going to stay pretty short and sweet as I just wanted to stop by, let you all know how life is! In the middle of this week I headed to a meeting about my end-of-degree exhibition / show and even though I'm excited, there's definitely a lot of nerves bubbling inside me right now. Hopefully they don't show themselves when I need to hold it together most!

Hence, taking pleasure in the little things such as wearing colours that make me beam, listening to new music or just getting an extra hour of sleep. We can't always be working at 100% speed, worrying about everything all the time! It's not something I'm about to feel guilty for, helllll no.

I think this coming week I'll be tackling some more hours of my plastic project, which I'm actually really enjoying (if you follow my stories on Instagram you might have spotted some messy typography experiments), meeting up with a bunch of old friends, baking some incredible vegan chocolate and Oreo donuts to share with you guys here next week and there's an #OOTD post coming up too! It's only been... eight months? Oops.

I hope you've all had a really lovely week and feel on top of things. Speaking of- I'd really like to possibly start some kind of advice or question series on here. Sometimes getting a little advice from someone else's perspective does a world of good, as I know it does for me! 

Hopefully I'd be able to get people who specialise in certain topics to join too, like if a lot of people wanted advice on getting into university, mental health, going vegan, the IUD coil etc I could help with that, (and so could some others) or if people wanted advice on LGBTQ+ and other issues, I could get someone in on that who's more clued up, or has first hand experience. Even dumb things like 'when a t-shirt has white and black on it, which washing pile does it go in?' hahaha. Totally not a legit question I had to ask mum about in first year. Let me know what you think!

I've popped an anonymous asking box in my sidebar (have a scroll about, you'll find it, just not on https://) and I promise there's no way I can see who submits. Obviously if this all goes wrong I'll just take down the box haha. If I get enough submissions in the next week or so, I'll answer what I can in a post!

 Let me know what you've been up to this week! Do you have a new post you're particularly proud of? Also be sure to let me know what you think of my idea, I'm open to criticism!


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