6 Cruelty Free Spring Fragrances*

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The weather here this week has been nothing short of beautiful. We got out a few days ago and walked for hours along the side of a river, to a field of cows, down a rocky muddy riverbank and back home again after laying on the grass in the park for a couple of hours. My freckles have well and truly come out! 

As much as I love this climate, I'm SO not cut out for it. My northern blood, (plus English, French, Scottish and Irish) is totally against me when it comes to the heat and my temperature resembles that of a volcano after a little walk in the sun, hahaha.

I've picked a couple of my favourite cruelty free fragrances for Spring to cover up that afternoon hike BO, including some scents supposedly for men, so this might also serve as a gift guide for someone special or simply for yourself! There's nothing wrong with women wearing cologne especially when the smell makes you want to swoon. 

Pacifica French Lilac Roll On Perfume

Pacifica French Lilac Roll-On Perfume

Coming in a perfectly sized bottle, this roll on perfume has delicate floral tones, subtle yet statement and perfect for Spring. French lilac with notes of Magnolia, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang and Nectarine. I also love the coconut perfume but couldn't find it anywhere online! Definitely try it if you see Pacifica in stores.

Any Brand Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Pacifica's perfumes are made with essential oil blends, but you don't always have to purchase fancy perfume to smell amazing. Try diluting a little Sweet Orange essential oil (my favourite next to lavender) and dabbing it on your pulse points for the best scent. This fragrance is also good for boosting your mood! It's sweet, fresh, tangy and warming.

L'Occitane Mens Aftershave tube review

L'Occitane Men's Aftershave

As I said at the start, 'mens' fragrances aren't always just for men. There's a little L'Occtaine shop near me in the Lake District with a huge array of incredible smelling products from hand creams to aftershaves- aromatic, slightly spicy with hints of Shea and Birch, this L'Occitan Balm is perfect for Spring, perhaps in time with Fathers Day (June 18th for anyone panicking). Soothing for the skin and fortifying against irritants, this is a treat!
Lush Sikkim Girls packaging review

Lush Sikkim Girls

Described as 'Exotic and Seductive', this warm and exotic blend smells great on anyone, with notes of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose. Lush's fragrances are truly underrated and not as talked about as their famous bath bombs. but definitely worth testing next time you stop by. Plus this packaging is to DIEEE FOR.

Clive Christian 1872 Masculine Edition

If you lean more towards spicy perfumes, Clive Christian have the perfect infusion of citrus, sandalwood and spice. This luxury perfume is perfect for men but as I mentioned before, women can wear 'masculine' fragrances too! They also have a feminine edition, a little lighter with floral notes, still harnessing that citrus aroma. 

Next Signature Eau De Toilette

Quite an old fragrance (that I've been assured by Next is cruelty-free), but one that my boyfriend hides in his chest of drawers (from me, hahaha). I love this scent when used subtly, and it's so inexpensive. A sophisticated blend of fresh citrus fruits, pepper and precious woods, which I sprayed on myself only this morning. 

All of these fragrances are cruelty-free, and each brand has more that are definitely worth checking out! I find perfume is always something you buy for someone else, or receive as a gift but sometimes it's nice to choose your own signature scent. Right now I'm obsessed with the smell of my favourite Nag Champa incense. Not so much while it's burning but the smell that sticks around later on is so beautiful!

What's your favourite Spring-time scent?


*This post contains sponsored content. All words and opinions are my own and everything is cruelty-free as usual! :) See here for my full disclaimer.

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