How To Pack For a Trip In Under 30 Minutes

You might remember that in March, the lovely Joana sent over a guest post with some handy hair hacks for Spring. This post went down so well and hopefully helped a lot of you (I know I've used a couple of her haircare tips since), so when a lady called Angela reached out to me with a post on how to pack quickly, I thought you guys would appreciate seeing this too. 

Festival season is coming up and so many of us are off on our jollies soon so this post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time! Hopefully you find some tips that help you here (and don't forget to tell me about your trips, so I can live vicariously through them).

Once in a while, everyone deserves to take some time off from work and busy everyday life and organize a dream vacation for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you like to soak up the sun at the beach, hike through the woods and mountains, check out famous landmarks, museums, architectural miracles or parks, it’s always nice to relax and do what you enjoy. Every now and then, comes a time when a sudden trip surprises us, but don’t panic, because there’s an easy solution for that. Here’s how to pack within in 30 minutes and start your trip stress-free. 

Choose appropriate luggage 

The first thing you should choose is the bag you’re going to carry. Pick a size that suits you, but make sure it’s comfortable and mobile. If you’re hopping on a plane, don’t forget to check the suitcase weight limit with the airport. If you choose to travel by bus or by train, it’s better to pack your things in a big backpack. On the other hand, you have an unlimited number of options if you travel by car, but always choose the most practical bag or suitcase.

Pick your wardrobe 

When it comes to wardrobe, the first thing you need to think about is the weather! If you’re going somewhere sunny and warm you’re in luck, because you will easily pack everything you need. Though the one thing you really need is underwear. You simply cannot start any trip without it. Also, no matter where you go, it’s always smart to bring a light jacket, waterproof if possible. 

Don’t waste too much time deciding on different clothing items. Each of us has a couple of favourite outfits and unique pieces of jewellery, so take those on your trip! 

Don’t forget comfy shoes 

Footwear is very important while traveling. The last thing you need is sore legs and feet full of blisters. Those can only make you nervous and ruin your trip, so make sure you pack some comfortable walking shoes.

Pack your toiletries 

The best thing is to always be stocked up on toiletries. Every time you go shopping you can replenish your stash of hygiene products, so that you can always be ready. This time, choose smaller packages of shampoos, toothpaste, hand-sanitizer, suncream and other toiletries that are perfect for travelling. Different brands pack their products in travel-friendly packaging. Don't forget eco-friendly options too!

Always bring your favourite natural hand cream to keep your hands hydrated and a lip balm to protect your lips. Stock up on these products and you’ll never be caught unprepared.

Bring your camera 

We all claim we will never forget the things we saw on our travels, but it’s always good to permanently record them with a photograph. Bring your phone and camera and don’t forget chargers! Don’t forget to take out your camera and take a picture of your favourite places, maybe you will never get to see them again.

Don’t forget!

Check twice to see if you've packed these necessities:
☑ Tickets
☑ Passport/visa
☑ Money/credit cards
☑ Medicines
☑ Chargers
☑ Necessary paperwork
☑ List of emergency contacts

There you have it, tips on how to pack for a trip in 30 minutes. Now the only thing you have left is to decide on a destination and start packing. Have a nice trip!

Thank you Angela for a helpful post, one that I'll definitely be referring back to when I'm heading out camping this summer! 

What are your packing essentials when you go away? Is there anything you always seem to forget? 


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