Summer Homeware Haul | Fishergate Shopping Centre

cacti infront of floral candle lantern

The last haul I did here was SO long ago, you'd think I never buy anything (hello student living), but since I'm moving out of my current home in a couple of weeks, I took a trip to Fishergate Shopping Centre again to browse the homeware. I'm forever swooning over interior blogs such as Anna's Don't Cramp My Style and crazy plant IG's (#PlantsonPink, anyone?), so much so that the excitement is bubbling in me to almost boiling point. More than ready to decorate my own space, representing me beautifully.

I thought you'd appreciate seeing some of the homeware pieces I picked up! Trying to stick to my eco-conscious truths and bare in mind that buying new isn't always the best option, if you know me you'll know to find me in the trinkets section of any charity shop, so the materials these are made of are chosen with the Earth in mind!

cactus infront of candle lantern

Floral Handpainted Lantern | TK Maxx

How gorgeous is this lantern? It has a space for a candle, of which I chose a fresh 'Coastal Blossom' one but I'm going to pop in again for a bag of tealights soon. The door has a tiny hinge to keep shut and any heat exits through the top, where a copper handle is delicately placed. This has been following me room-to-room lately but once I move, it's going to complete the living-room! There were more variations on this lantern, so perhaps I'll collect a couple more one day.

Flamingo Oven gloves and cookies

Flamingo Oven Gloves | TK Maxx

Alex will kill me for spilling his secret but he chose these. I'm truly impressed with his eye for colour haha! I love these especially as I've been using tea-towels to lift trays out of the oven, a pet peeve of mine. They'll also be pretty good to hinder any tattoo itching in the future ;)

bella toaster and cookies

Bella Toaster | TJ Hughes

Around the corner from TK Maxx in Fishergate Shopping Centre is TJ Hughes, a lot of T's, I know. This is another store filled to the brim with brilliant homeware and some essential electrical appliances. Not the most beautiful of toasters but practical and a colour palette to compliment any paint job, this Bella Toaster will make a perfect replacement for my current toaster which flings bread three feet into the air, without fail, EVERY. TIME. It feels good to no longer have to catch my toast mid-flight.

Lit candle on bedside table

Coastal Blossom Candle | TK Maxx

I was so impressed with the range of candles, but this one stood out the most. At a very affordable (I believe it was around £3), made with soya instead of beeswax, this candle brings hints of Spring on even the rainiest days. Placed in my new floral lantern, the glow keeps me cosy at night, helps me get a good night's sleep and it's calming aroma lingers until I doze off. It'll be a crying shame when it runs out.

Circular rack with herbs, spices and tea

'Make shift' Herb and Tea Rack | TK Maxx

Okay so I know this isn't made to store herbs on, but I have far more herbs and spices than I do cupcakes, unfortunately, and Tuppaware just isn't cutting it for me in the kitchen storage department anymore! This wicker rack is the perfect size for storing my spices on with enough room for tea, coffee and sugar at the bottom. I love the circle shape and handle at the top as it means I can spin it around for cooking with ease, hehe. 

jars filled with tea and coffee

Glass Storage Jars | TK Maxx

So at this point it's becoming obvious how great TK Maxx's homeware range is. Something that we always have at my family home is tea and coffee tins. I'm thinking of using a couple of Posca pens to illustrate these jars in accordance with our future kitchen! A nice personal, beautiful yet basic touch. 


A little but sufficient homeware haul to get me started in filling out my new place! Minimalism has been on my mind a lot lately and the need to declutter my life has washed over me again. In the next couple of weeks, before I even think about moving out, 100% of the clutter I own is leaving!

As I said after my anaphylaxis experience, I have too much 'stuff'. Not enough of my possessions are things that I own because they're necessary or truly beautiful. Clearing out is also so good for your mental state. Have you ever tried to work in a messy room? It's haaaard.

What do you think makes a house more homely? Do you have any tips or essentials I should know of? 


p.s: sorry for the quality of photos in this post! It was a very rainy day and I currently live in a house-share so it was hard to photograph in situe! Will update these photos and show you how I've decorated when I move. 

*This post is sponsored by Fishergate SC. All words and opinions are my own- for my full disclaimer see here.

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