4 Ingredient Sunshine Coffee Scrub

coffee scrub on legs

It's been a long time since I've done a minimal ingredients recipe. The difference with this one is that you can't eat it (...I mean, you could brew it but I'm not sure that cinnamon and turmeric would go down too well), you scrub your whole human bean bodeh' with it.

Coffee is a part of my day-off routine.

Wake up, stretch, (snooze, wake up again) coffee, before anything more productive. Just call me Lorelai! I've tried so many gorgeous flavoured coffees in my impromptu TK Maxx hauls but recently switched to a cheap alternative, so it wasn't a loss to make a beautiful body scrub out of. Plus, it makes you smell like sweet roasted coffee beans, and who wouldn't want that.

Although the caffeine in coffee causes anxiety for many people, did you know the smell actually reduces anxiety symptoms? That's something that makes this scrub perfect for day or night use- if you love to wake up and smell the coffee, use this in your morning shower. If you need to wind down and destress, deep inhale the aroma of coffee in your night-time shower. Perrrrrfect.

To make your scrub | 5 minutes & 4 ingredients: 

Body scrub ingredients flatlay

Grab your coffee (ground for cafetiere use, you want a grind that's not too fine as otherwise it won't polish away those dead skin cells as well), some turmeric and cinnamon from the spice rack and some granulated sugar. The larger the grains of all of these things, the better.

You will also need a container for your scrub and a piece of paper to use as a funnel, or even better, an actual funnel!

For my container I used a bottle from the Porters Gin sample I received when I met Instagram's co-creator with Creative Debuts! I knew bottle hoarding would come in handy.

pouring coffee into bottle

Sugar, Coffee and cinnamon

Fill your container two thirds with coffee grounds, then mix together the final third of sugar with a good shake of cinnamon and turmeric.

Turmeric is used in face masks quite a lot as it's super rich in anti-oxidants. Cinnamon, when taken, is a metabolism boost and both spices help circulation. Exfoliating does too! So these combined is the perfect skin boost.

Add all your ingredients to your container and shake it up! Shake it like you're real mad about it, until it's all mixed together (my bottle was a bit wet before so it separated a bit). 

Use your new natural body scrub on wet skin, like a regular exfoliator. Massage in circles to buff away dead skin so you feel smoother than a smooooooooth criminal. 

If you're feeling spicy, or are dreading having to get up on cold mornings ahead, add a little ginger for the perfect winter warmer scrub. Ginger will also help boost your circulation a lot and physically feels warming, so if you're anything like me in Winter and can't feel your fingers, this is the best. When you're done exfoliating, simply rinse. The sugar will dissolve in warm water and everything else will wash away, leaving no stains.

Don't be alarmed if your skin starts beaming sunshine yellow while you scrub- that's the turmeric working it's magic! 

coffee body scrub on legs

coffee scrub on legs

After I exfoliate I always massage some coconut oil into my skin for a glowing, softer than clouds finish. Honestly, coconut oil is my everyday skin saviour.

If you're looking for more Autumn/winter warmers, turmeric milk (also pepper milk / golden milk) is one to look out for. Mmmmmhmmm, this glowing mix of snowy morning spices and turmeric simmered in some non-dairy milk is a life saver, especially if you have a cold or want a restful night's sleep.

Let me know if you make my sunshine coffee scrub or if you have your own spin on the recipe!

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