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Porth Dyniewaid

Prepare for HELLA photos. Snagging two days away from work was one of the best things I did in August and I've been dying to share these snaps with you ever since! I visited Wales for the first time as an adult last year, as Alex's family live in Colwyn. We paid them a visit, explored Llandudno and Conwy which was so beautiful but nothing compared to this year's trip, not even the gloriously green camping trip to Balloch of '16.

There are quite a few photos in this post so scroll slowly, soak up this beauty and see if you can spot any lil sea mammals in the pictures of Porth Dyniewaid (or Angel Bay, donned by the locals) at the end of our trip! They were sooo hard to find.

arriva trains in sunshine

chips by the sea

On the first night in Colwyn we got some chips, as you do by the seaside and headed down to the beach. It's not been super warm for August but there was little wind and only a couple of passing clouds which made for the most incredible sunset.

We made a b-line for the quietest part of the beach like the hermit crabs we are and watched as the sun set behind the hills. Every now and then a train would go past at just the right angle to reflect the golden light, like a big, rumbling glow worm.

walking on beach alone

girl eating chips

girl eating chips on seafront

In case you were wondering, I enjoyed my chips v much.

Colwyn Bay Seafront

Colwyn Bay Seafront

Sunset at Colwyn

girl in front of sunset, wales

We slept at Alex's Grandad's that night, who literally lives in the middle of nowhere with no wi-fi and not even a bar of phone signal which I gotta admit, was actually so lovely.

Disconnecting guilt-free was something neither of us had experienced in a while. His Grandad lives in a big barn conversion complete with wooden beams and thick walls, away from light and noise pollution and well... any type of pollution. My asthmatic lungs could've jumped with joy.

When night fell, we headed up to the surrounding fields, home to old cars, cows, sheep and a large barn, marvelling at the stars for a long time. A few days later the sat nav would tell us that we were at 900ft above sea level which is pretty high for a house, I think.

How beautiful is this garden?

House with flowers in front

High up field with a view

High up field with a view

A week before this trip, Alex had spotted a tent in Argos for just under £20. I cracked up because he was so eager to get his hands on it and we had no plans to go to a festival (though I wish we'd got to go to Leeds festival again) or anywhere we'd need a tent, so I was pretty insistent that we didn't need it, but I caved.

So glad I did- the carrying it home from work in the pouring rain in my lil' arms, was worth it as we slept so soundly at his friend's leaving party the next night.

So we headed through Abergele, up the longest driveway ever to an awesome ranch-looking house on another beautiful hill and pitched our tent. A whole herd of cows came over to watch us pitch our tent which was hilarious. My favourite was a black cow with a huge bogey, who kept mooing when I looked over.

I didn't get a lot of pictures this night but let's just say there was a lot of whisky, an insanely good vegan BBQ and far too much axe swinging.

camping inside tent

Cute white cow behind tree


View from the hilltop

Out of tent door view

Two nights already down and work the next day, we packed up once we woke up and relaxed with some friends (new and old) before heading back into Colwyn Bay for some of the most beautiful scenery yet.

We spent some time with Alex's family which was soooo nice and they took us to Porth Dyniewaid (Angel Bay). It was prettttty windy on top of that cliff though not as bad as my coastal hometown, and all I could see was beautiful shore and sea for miles. Literally miles and miles and miles.

See if you can spot any seals in these pictures! There was a ball floating in the water which they'd been playing with, popping up everywhere haha.

Blue water and coast cliffs

Welsh coastline

Looking out to sea, wales

We devoured Chinese food and then I had to get a train home alone which sucked, leaving was the worst thing ever. Alex stayed behind with his family for a few extra days. The journey home was made much better by some of my current favourite podcasts and I slept super well for two nights after, catching up on rest!

Have you ever been to Wales? Where's your favourite spot in the UK?

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