If You're Reading This, I'm Back Baby

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Sometimes my blogging mojo decides to curl up in a corner and die only to be resurrected in full force, overflowing with ideas while begging for more hours in the day to nurture this passion. 

You may have noticed eerie silence here for the past few weeks (I am a bad blogger, I know).

A couple of months ago I began planning for a relaunch with the aim to whittle down my niche, reformat old posts (getting there) and bring you all some fresh regular content with a new design and new vibes to boot. Hopefully, if you're reading this, I've managed just that. *self high five* 

A loooot of killer work went into this reboot and I know that you often like to see behind the scenes (sketchbook doodles anyone?) so I thought I'd throw some images your way of the work that went into this relaunch. I really, really hope you enjoy the new content coming your way and the new direction I'm taking this space in!

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The Scarlet State is slowly manifesting into a place where you can come to relax. a place that I hope you'll get to know inside out.

I'd love for more conversations (one of the nicest things about blogging is getting to know more beautiful, familiar personalities) where we can give advice, discuss, debate or simply listen to one another.

I'll be tackling some more taboo topics, feeding your soul with yummy vegan recipes and taking you on my travels everywhere I go. There will be lots more on mindfulness, living yo' best life, having a calmer mind and living in a positive light. Some exciting ethical beauty and lifestyle giveaways will be appearing here soon too, to kick things off. I've also switched up the design, logo, gadgets and categories so have a good explore! The only thing the same here are the old posts.

On the way also are more creative posts than ever, occasional free illustrative downloadable packs for you to use as you please, with a couple of secret Etsy codes dotted about the site. See if you can find one!

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Honestly I'm so excited to be sharing my life more in depth with you all, to be back in the blogosphere again is an amazing feeling! With graduation and moving house I've really felt a change in myself and wanted this little corner of the internet to truly reflect who I am, being a platform for us to all share!

Tell me what you've been up to lately in the comments, I'd love to catch up!

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