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Chinese teapot pouring

I sat in this brightly decorated yet crazily calming tea house for a good two hours the other day, barely paying attention to my phone or anyone around me. I've been coming here for almost five years now, from when I started visiting Preston city to now, moving into a place of my own having graduated from university! 

No matter how much changes, the tea house stays the same. The smell of literally hundreds of different teas meets me as I walk in and I'm always greeted so so warmly, sometimes with a hug! I always sit upstairs because I'm a creature of habit, but it's also where the most beautiful paintings are displayed and crazy little old books to read.

reading a tea house menu

round leafed plant on windowsill

We go upstairs and Sam, one of the guys who works here takes our order. Two vegan wraps and a pot of Citrus Rainbow tea (which I think is lemon, apple, hibiscus and some other fruits)! It arrives with agave and lemon, then before we know it, we're almost emptied the amazing bright pink tea- but not before the two wraps arrive along with homemade hummus (plus the biggest side salad you've ever seen).

Seriously, I don't know what they do with these wraps but a wrap has never tasted so freakin' good before.

vegan food on plate and teapot

close up of tea pot and cups

girl drinking tea

coffee table book about animals

The wraps were so good and we were too full to move, so ended up reading the little books that are dotted around the sofa area. I pick up a 2001 Collins book about space which was fascinating and Alex reads about British wildlife, as you do. 

It was refreshing to soak up so much information and images from a book instead of a screen! Strange how it's so normal now to head straight to Google. Making more of an effort to stay conscious of how much I use my phone in everyday life, haha.

comfy white wicker chair

Mystery Tea House Preston

We chilled for a good while longer before heading home. Isn't the decor here so awesome? I believe a lot of the paintings are done by local artists. The teahouse advertises lots of classes on mindfulness, yoga, meditation. It's such a hub for the hippie lifestyle and I'm so down with that- in fact I will be starting some meditation sessions in September when they begin again, just to see if I like it!

If you're ever in Preston you need to visit here as what I've shown you is only a snippet. The little tea house is usually quite busy, but we caught it on a quiet day for once which was just what I needed to clear my mind!

Are there any places like this near you? Where's your favourite place to relax outside of your home?


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