Simple Mindfulness Tricks for Busy Minds

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We're lucky to live in an age where we have whatever information we need, literally at our fingertips, whenever we want it. Though this perk doesn't come without it's downsides!

The average person checks their phone every six minutes - ever been in a public place without it and just not known where to put your hands? So often our brains become riddled with a constant stream of information, over-sharing and pressure to put on a show or fit into a niche for social media

Not only this, but a lot of us are working or are studying and have other things to think about. What will you cook for tea tonight? Did you remember to post that parcel? What time were you supposed to leave again? STOoOooOooOooOOoOP, just breathe for a second.

If, like me, you're super busy and don't always have time to sit down and mediate, here are some tips 
to help you declutter your mind and slow down daily.

Bathroom break

You don't really have any responsibilities when you're taking a bathroom break (right?)! Take this blissful moment of alone time to choose a colour, and count five things around you that have that common thread. While you wash your hands, think about how the soap feels and focus on the sensations of hot, cold, what does the water really feel like?

Calm commute

It can be difficult if you're on a packed tube, or any public transport, to relax. Close your eyes for a minute (except if you're driving, obviously...) and relax your shoulders. feel the rocking of the vehicle and realise that at this moment, there is no immediate pressure. If there's any time of a working day you're allowed to take a breather, it's on your journey.


There's nothing more British than queues. Whether you're stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in line for your morning caffeine or on your lunch break, if you have time in the queue, take some deep breaths and look around at things you wouldn't usually notice. Look at the shoes people are wearing or really take in the smells around you.

There's nothing like tea

Everyone has time for tea. When making yourself a cup of tea, really get into the ritual of it. Pour the water and milk slowly, steep it for the perfect amount of time. When your tea (or coffee) is ready, sip it and really think about the taste and temperature of it in your mouth. Be the teaaaaa!

Food for thought

As with the tea, when you eat, really think about the food. Notice the taste and texture of what you're eating. Take a break from distractions (such as the aforementioned constant information) while you eat and focus only on the food. You'll appreciate the meal a lot more as a bonus.

What helps you to stay mindful and relax on a busy day? Is there anything you do to clear your mind?

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