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blue butterfly on arm

When I was a kid, the only things I used to draw were rainbows and butterflies. So original, I know. There's always been something about these little creatures that have drawn me to them, from their symmetry to their beautiful colour and how calming they are to watch! Playing Animal Crossing (which I still do now) I'd go around catching all the butterflies, reading their info cards.

I remember a few times as a child I'd find injured butterflies in the garden which I learned at the Butterfly House usually just means they are old and withered, putting them into open Tuppaware boxes filled with leaves, grass, flowers and bottle caps of water.

Sometimes they'd pick up and take off again much to my bittersweet dismay but getting to stare at them while they recovered was one of my favourite past times.

orange butterfly on leaves

man in plants at butterfly house

I've known about this butterfly house for a such long time but never been to visit! So when I managed to snag a rainy afternoon off work, Alex and I took the train to Lancaster, making the uphill walk from the station to Williamson Park.

I have never seen so much beauty all moving about in one room before! The Butterfly House was basically a large, walled greenhouse. The climate was hot, about 30 degrees and humid but not uncomfortable, so I soon got used to it.

Big blue wings glittered all over the walls, ceiling and pops of orange, yellow and red flew past. One of the creatures had wings that looked like an owl's face when they were open, so awesome.

blue butterfly on leaf

girl touching plants and butterflies

girl in greenhouse

I celebrate Earth Day everyday in my life so let me tell ya, I was in my ELEMENT at this moment.

Huuuuuuge banana leaves (if you look closely you will see teeny, tiny pearl-like butterfly eggs), wild little ferns and fruit was everywhere for the insects to feed on- I have never felt so at home haha.

In the centre of the room was a white gazebo seating area where I rested for a while to just soak up everything happening around me. This is when my favourite butterfly (the crazy, bright blue one) landed on my flower tattoos. Over, the, moon.

white and green stripy plant

close up of black butterfly

butterfly on banana leaf

butterfly eating fruit

I think next time I visit, because I'm totally coming here again, I'll bring my sketchbook and some watercolours. Being someone who draws a lot of inspiration from nature I was gutted that I didn't bring even my good camera let alone some art supplies, so sorry for the quality of these pictures! 

butterfly on hand and eyes

big banana leaves

If you're local to the area or just swinging by, this exotic Butterfly House is definitely worth a visit. Not only do they conserve these beautiful winged creatures here but Williamson Park is also home to the Pendle Witch trial spot, a gorgeous pond / waterfall area and lots of other creepy crawlies. 

After a brief stop in the café for some hot tea, when walking back to the station, we passed a 'witchy' shop where I bought some Eucalyptus essential oil, which has really helped my breathing and smells incredible! 

Definitely put Lancaster on your list of places to visit in the UK.

Are you a bug fan or do they creep you out? Is there anywhere like this near you that I should visit?!

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