What's in my Bedside Table

bed side table with bonsai on

We all have that one drawer in the house that's filled with miscellaneous sh*t that we don't need. Mine is usually the top drawer next to my bed, so while organising it I thought it would be cool to show you some of the things I've hoarded (or not, I don't know. Tell me if you liked this!). 

On top of the bedside table is my bonsai tree, currently dealing with a visit from about a million baby greenflies, incense in a sand, gecko shaped holder that Alex's family got for him, eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil in what was the lid of a candle and the Tuscany candle I won at the Bloggers Blog Awards last year. This has almost run out but it smells so good that I'm dragging out every last bit haha.

I always keep my water bottle by my bed and my phone is usually never far away either! 

Every morning this is where Alex and I have our coffee or tea in bed so it's usually covered in spills and incense dust. I cleaned it just for this post, spoiling ya- I know.

a broken phone

incense and incense holder

Nag Champa is my FAVOURITE SMELL IN THE WORLD, right next to the Lush Northern Lights range. So you can bet that our room always smells like that, though recently I've been burning 'Earth Angel', which has lots of notes of Frankincense. 

I made Alex this 'instant comfort pocket box' filled with teeny tiny notes of mushy stuff for when he's having a bad day. This is always either on his desk or in the table. Living together as a couple comes with ups and downs but it's amazing 99% of the time. This is for that 1%! Haha.

instant comfort pocket box

On the vibe of comfort, there are some tea bags (cmon, don't act like you've never taken them from a hotel before) which I probably will never use because I don't drink caffeine unless it's in coffee. 

I like to keep some Vitamin C tablets in the bedside table too as if I think I'm getting run down, I can just pop one in my water bottle for an instant fizzy vitamin boost. These ones are from Aldi and do the job well!

What's in the white parcel box you say?

opening a white box

nintendo DSi pink home screen

Of course, my Nintendo and it's broken, bashed up 2005 best friend. I've said it before and I'm not ashamed!!! Animal Crossing is my long time love. 

As you might have seen on the blog before, I love to grow herbs and cacti so I keep some plant food in the top drawer for easy access. It's also there as a little reminder to not let them die, though my herbs have suffered so bad with this crazy fickle weather lately. Cryin'.

facial oil flatlay

After I take my make-up off I like to pat a little of this Rio Rosa oil on my skin for it's anti-pollution and antioxidant properties. It smells so relaxing so helps me sleep and keeps my skin hydrated until the morning, when I put a little coconut oil on it. 

Eucalyptus really elevates my mood and helps my breathing so I sometimes mix the two oils.

asthma medication in drawer

Finally, speaking of breathing, I have asthma. Here are just a couple of the inhalers I own (seriously I have probably ten on the go at the moment, not sure how). 

The blue one is a reliever so I always have one at hand in my table, in my bag, in Alex's pocket, wherever I am there is at least two of these. The purple and white ones prevent asthma attacks and the tablets are a steroid for my lungs. As a kid I barely ever used to remember to take these but now, after 21 years, I'm finally in the habit. GO ME !! *cheerleading*

What's the weirdest thing you have in your bedside table? Also let me know if you like this type of post as I've never done a 'what's in my' post before!

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