Hands up if you've ever felt personally victimised by cold mornings! If you haven't experienced them yet then you're one of the lucky ones (especially if you're in the UK, like me). With the sudden drop in temperature here it's becoming harder to hop out of bed in the mornings feeling refreshed and ready to work. 

Personally, I'm one extreme to the other- just the other day I didn't want to get out of bed because I'd been awake and peeping at a screen until 3am the night before. I'm either that, or bleary eye'd at 7am with a coffee in my hand and wonky eyeliner from buzzing about too early. There's just no in-between! I've put together a short list of components for a better night's sleep, explaining how important these things are to help us look after ourselves and get a good nights rest.
It's been slow and steady on the blog front for a few weeks now, even though I've been busy it feels good to have some awesome things to share with you all! On the 21st November my boyfriend Josh, his family and I went to Hotel Gotham in Manchester for the night to late-celebrate his 21st birthday. His birthday was back in the heat of August though I still remember being told what his present was (a night at the hotel and celebrations around Manchester) like it was yesterday. In fact, one of my favourite posts is about that awesome day!

You caught me, I'm guilty of starting festive celebrations a little too early. A few days ago I went into the city with some friends purely to window-shop and sniff all of the apple pie and cinnamon candles I could see. But chances are, you've probably already said "Oooh that smells like Christmas" or oogled at a few metallic garments- that's exactly what I did the other day, so I've decided to put together a star spangled wishlist for those of you that are and aren't in the tinsel spirit yet. 
Isn't social media wonderful? You can use it to chat about your day, discuss touchy topics and every once in a while we simply stumble across a page or post that rekindles our love for a certain topic or hobby we forgot we had. Around a year ago I was scrolling the 'explore' page on Instagram when a photo from 'inspiredtattooportraits' took my attention. The account belongs to an amazing lady called CĂ©line, a photographer and tattoo collector living in Paris.

As part of my new blog series 'An Inkling' I had the chance to interview her and find out more about CĂ©line. I should start by mentioning that 'An Inkling' will run every two weeks to a month and will feature interviews with artists, writers, personalities I find inspiring or interesting and hope that you will too!

The reason I chose CĂ©line to kickstart the series was because she is all-round captivating. From her timeless photographs (reminiscent of a book I have, full of tattoo photos taken in the 20's and 30's), her ability to capture the essence of a person in a photograph, her travels all over the world to her full body suit; the progress of which you can follow through Instagram (I've popped a link at the end).

I'm currently sat beside my fluff-ball of a dog, drying off after one of the dampest walks of this year. Don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining, Autumn is probably my favourite season as I'm sure has been said here before.

Nothing beats crisp air and golden 5 o'clock sunsets. Even though the nights are drawing in earlier, I have been busier than ever! One thing I suck at is time management so stacks on stacks of uni work have decided to turn against me while my time to blog is hanging on a cliffs edge waiting for me to pick up the slack. I've missed my little corner of the internet, it's nice to come back once or twice a week to dust off the cobwebs and talk to you guys!