Bedroom with sash window
Hellooooo lovely people! What a month it has been! The last you heard from me about life in general was in May, where I talked a lot about how I was exploring a spiritual side of my mind along with musings on gratitude, living and making the most of my days. I'd just been through a traumatic experience and looking back now, when I wrote that post I really was not in the best place. I needed time to recuperate mentally, so writing it out like that and taking a breather was exactly what I needed.

I'd been having anxiety (especially about allergies and food) which has now pretty much passed! In fact, I attended a counselling session which was quite helpful though I felt I only needed the one and I feel so, so much better. It's so important to recognise when you need to talk to someone.

Since May, I've had my final university exhibition, visited home, graduated with an upper second class grade (2:1), moved into a new place with my boyfriend, began seriously freelancing (oh book balancing, my old friend) and started two new jobs! It feels like I'm always busy but honestly I thrive this way and NEVER forget to drop in chill time in the evenings.

girl wearing pink glasses

For some reason, almost every summer I decide I want to improve or re-invent myself somehow. Even if the reinvention is simply cutting my hair, or changing my hair colour, feeling like a new me can often be the motivation I need to do better and be better!

I've always known that I've had less than perfect sight, but I always thought that glasses never looked quite *right* on me. Too squeamish for contact lenses, I avoided the problem as much as I could but with my line of work being drawing (sometimes really detailed) illustrations or looking at a computer screen for a long time, it was time to buck up and hunt down the perfect pair. So while browsing The Glasses Shop's catalogue, I decided to go for a daringly beautiful pink pair of eyeglasses.

cocktails on a table

Welcome to a post scheduled for June, a post that slipped through my fingers as quickly as the past month itself! As the stresses of student living come to an end, I found a little down-time to have a girly night in with my friend Robyn accompanied by some cocktails courtesy of Skinny Cocktails*. 

We headed to an Urban Decay party for an exclusive preview of their Shapeshifter and Afterglow palettes (the Afterglow palette is to DIE for, so shimmery) where Robyn got her make-up done and we gorged on bottles of bubbly.