The Boring Stuff | A Disclaimer

The Scarlet State is a PR friendly blog and all sponsored posts, sample reviews or products I have been sent will be declared with an asterisk (*) or /and a small disclaimer at the end of the post. I will only endorse products that I may actually use or purchase anyway! The opinions in my posts are mine only and I will only ever give my honest opinion.

The Scarlet State reserves the right to delete any sponsored post and supporting/promoting media immediately if correct payment is not sent/received within agreed deadlines. 

Please consider that blogging is a hobby for me, not a full time job and I am not able to respond to my e-mails every day! I endeavour to reply within the week. I am employed by two companies at the moment, whilst also working as a freelance illustrator in my free time and blogging whenever I get the chance. 

I absolutely love blogging and hope to one day take freelancing and blogging full time, but for now please remain patient and do send a follow-up if you feel your e-mail has been missed. 

I also cannot guarantee a full review of every single product sent to me unless agreed upon prior to sending. If you send a product to 'try', I will try it! Feeling passionately about the 'tried' product or brand's ethos will likely result in a review, a feature in a round-up or favourites post. Please specify if you prefer something totally different. 

For any enquiries including the requesting of my full Media Kit, e-mail me at sjdocker@hotmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you and collaborate!