I remember being a fan of Barry M when my thirteen year old self wanted to do make-overs at sleepovers and finally had the pocket money to try the make-up that all the older, cooler teenagers were wearing. Barry M has come a long way since then in establishing themselves as the go-to cruelty free make-up brand for crazy colourful products, but have toned it down for their Matte Me Up collection with some gorgeous matte nudes.

Below, I managed to get my hands on On The Scene (top swatch, beige) and Minimalist (bottom swatch, pink) for £4.99 each at Next, surprisingly! Next are stockists of Barry M as well as most UK high street drugstores. For £4.99 these are SUCH a worthwhile purchase! The formula is very opaque, the swatches below were one coat and you can see how well it covers my tattoos
banana leaf plant in a greenhouse

I've said it before, a lot of times actually... I love plants. There's this need rooted deep within me (bad pun intended) to fill everywhere I live with beautiful little plants. When I finally start moving into my new house it's definitely going to be stuffed with these awesome green things, from top to bottom. You might even have to bring hedge trimmers to get in through the front door. 

Perhaps its something about how they grow, or how I can see them flourishing more the better care I take with them. Just the fact that nature produces such crazy patterns and colours is a beautiful thing! Not only that but they make great painting reference for my sketchbook illustrations.
feather dusting a macbook

Spring cleaning your blog doesn't have to be quite as literal as feather dusting the cobwebs, but it can improve your blog's DA to visit the stale, forgotten corners of your site sometimes. You don't even have to overhaul them to notice an improvement, a little simple spring cleaning never hurt anyone!

I'm not an SEO expert, there are plenty of bloggers out there who are, but me and my DA of 21 are getting along just fine right now after being stuck at 18 for what felt like forever. I noticed that when I took a little hiatus from blogging in March, my SEO suffered even though I hadn't added or taken away anything from my site! There are so many little things I neglected that I realised could do with a little regular polishing from now on, and it's so easy.
potted cactus cuttings in palm of my hand
So if you keep up on Twitter you may know that this week I had my first and hopefully last ambulance ride as I went into anaphylaxis for the second time in my life. This time it was a really bad reaction to an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin (which I'll be steering SO clear of that and all of it's Quinalone counterparts for the rest of my life), not peanuts! Damn you medicine, I trusted you *shakes fist*

Since the first time I went into anaphylaxis, I've been slightly paranoid sometimes about whether a prickling in my throat is allergies or just placebo from being worried. Adopting a positive mindset everyday and trying to come to terms with the fact that whatever happens, happens has helped a lot but with the reaction this week I've been so shaken physically and mentally. It's not that often I'm open about mental health or my most inner thoughts online but I feel like perhaps writing this post will help me to deal with the anxieties that this week has bestowed upon me, bury it all and move the hell onnnnnn.

girl lying in bed fashion shot

Hey all! HAPPY DAY AFTER APRIL FOOLS DAY when I can finally take the internet seriously, am I right? 

As you might know, it was my 21st birthday last week, which I spent in my home town with my family (after a lovely day with Alex at the local teahouse eating amazing vegan food, gulping down cactus tea and chilling in the sunshine) and it was perfect. I also treated myself to some gorgeous earrings this week as I've been obsessing over gold lately. Have you heard of Kintsukuroi? >