The jingling festivities are over for another year (cryin') and I've been stalking everyones blogs to see what they got for Christmas. Since I've enjoyed reading these posts so much I thought I'd do a little one myself for people who like me, are nosey as hell. Firstly I don't want this post to be seen as bragging, it's purely written because I looooove reading hauls and I'm hoping you do too!

We're on the cusp of the new year and the amount of times I've heard 'new year new me' is still soaring, but it's true! New year really is the time when a lot of us reassess our lives, throw away the old, stale parts of ourselves and our belongings and move on.

I told you in my latest life lately that I'd been throwing away everything that wasn't necessary anymore. This sounds extreme but here me out- I've been such a hoarder all my life. Not quite on the level of the problematic American TLC shows but while rummaging through my drawers the other day I came across a birthday card from three years ago. Surely that isn't good for me. My mum is going to laugh at this post because she knows just how bad it used to be!

If there's one thing a prosecco filled, festive drunk girl doesn't want at the Christmas party, it's lipstick smudged all over her face or a shiny forehead from the sweaty shapes being thrown on the dancefloor. Fear not, I have you covered. Or rather surprisingly, Joan Collins has you covered!

She's a diva, a classic beauty guru and a woman of many talents, one of them is the cosmetics line she has created inspired by the power of women themselves, Hollywood glamour and Art Deco. 
Zoella interview photograph

It's been madness here for the last couple of weeks, hence why the short time away from my sacred lil corner of the internet had to happen. *cries* This blog took a back seat at the start of the month to make way for deadlines, critiques, meeting 'clients' (design agencies handing out our new university briefs) and some self-reflection.

That isn't to say there hasn't been some times where I've had a break, Alex and I have been trying to make the most of our weekends now and decided to head out to the Kendal Print Fair last week! It was amazing to see so many talented people working in the Lakes and left me feeling inspired to start making stuff again. 

Typically, illustrators are the most secretive and introverted when it comes to showing others what's between the two covers of their sketchbook. We're perfectly happy to show you the finished outcomes, the polished pieces crafted after drawing and painstaking hours on Photoshop, but even in critiques I've seen (and done this myself) illustrators panic when the client turns to a page that is full of messy ideas and scribbles that they won't understand.

I say NOOOOO let's not be ashamed anymore! Show us your scribbles! Show us the drawing you did of your lecturer in class, show us the reminders and colour palettes that you blobbed all over the page without realising it had gone through the page. Show us the mistakes you make before that finished piece so we know that we're not alone.
At this time of year, naturally I think a lot of us do a little 'soul searching'. December is a time when a people begin to reflect on the past year; on where we are and where we want to be, where we were at the beginning of this year and where we're ending it, who we're ending it with. Seriously, how did we get here 2016? It's been a hell'uva ride.

I've been doing a little 'soul-searching' myself lately, leading to the blatantly obvious connection that everything I have ever done has got me to where I am today, (neither entirely good nor entirely bad! ) hooray me. It means that all of the tiniest decisions I have ever struck a match to have landed me here, writing to you from my bed on a Sunday night. But I've been asking myself where I want to be this time next year and instead of sitting on my ass and saying I will (a common behaviour for me this year, oops) I've been connecting those thoughts and ideas into ways that will actually get me there.