Want to know something that makes me go crazy? Not having enough light in a room. My room in halls was at a weird angle and no matter what time of day, I'd always be peeking out into the courtyard full of light while my room remained dark. I had to liven up the room myself as best I could while dealing with the restrictions of renting.

I know a lot of you guys are either at uni or buying a little place of your own which is sometimes hard to actually make your own if it isn't livened up and opened out with those personal touches. It won't be quite like the apartments in Friends, but I've put together a few tips to make living in a rented space more you.
Is there anything more taboo than taking what people normalise in day-to-day life and calling it murder? Probably, but not much. In my last Week Journal I talked about how I'll always love a good roast dinner, but in the past few weeks it's come to my attention more and more of the inhumane ways that we treat animals for their meat, milk or eggs.
I'm guilty of posting this almost two months too late as I couldn't get hold of my photos but it's wedding season! Or so I was told by my television last night, after attending a beautiful wedding in my home of the Lake District. I briefly mentioned this trip in my last Week Journal (which I'll eventually start posting every Sunday instead of sporadically) where I visited my gran and had coffee.
I can tell you, I drank a lot of coffee that weekend.  My dad got married on the 4th September to a wonderful woman called Debs. They've been together for a number of years, she's lovely and I couldn't be happier that they got married (finally). Prepare yourself for a LOT of pretty photos!
Hello everyone! I wanted to share a bit of happiness with you today as lately my illustration projects have been revolving around positivity. I'm feeling fab as I recently hit 100 followers, I know this is barely anything in the big bad blogosphere but it means so much to me that a whole 100 of you want to follow my rambles and day to day life so thank you!

Cosy bed socks and tea

It's been a couple of weeks since Back to Uni #1 (Planning and Goals) and we're now into the term! If you're not then lucky you. Life at uni can be stressful and challenging, and it takes weeks or reminders or crying over that last cocktail to realise that it'll all be worth it in the end. Has anyone given up out of stress yet? Sometimes the debt might not seem worth it, or the partying (or Netflix) looks SO much better than that deadline on the horizon and believe me it is, but you can't blow your top just yet. 

Here are some tips to help you along when the living is anything but easy, you just need to de-stress and liven up your space.

Clean your bedroom. 

A messy room is a messy mind so goes the saying- after many years of untidy bedrooms, I can vouch for this to be true. I always feel better sitting down at a tidy desk to work or being able to enjoy my down time in a clutter-free, calm environment aka my bedroom. Nothing is better than fresh sheets, towels and minimal mess to wipe your brain slate every morning!

Make time for yourself

As elaborated on in my 'Why You Should  Date Yourself' post, there's nothing that takes stress away like removing the stressful things from your life. I don't mean procrastinate, I mean take yourself out on a date. Have a bath in Lush bomb bubbles and relax. Forget about that assignment for tonight- it's time to think about yourself.

Separate work and home

Sometimes it's easier said than done, but instead of taking your work home, spend that extra hour at the end of class rewriting your notes or finishing that painting at your desk. Chances are, you'll feel more organised in a work environment and it means that your brain associates home with relaxation instead of cramming and deadlines!
girl sat at desk with plants

Sleep, sleep, sleep! 

For a minute there I considered exercise as a solution, which has been touched on before and does make you happy, but if you're run down or stressed the best solution is to sleep. Quit your 2am bed times and 8:30am starts, you're running on empty. Rest, re-cooperate and see how your brain deals with life then.

Work and live in natural light

Natural light will keep your brain awake better than artificial light, will make your eyes feel less groggy and living in open spaces helps to clear the mind a little more. Would you write an essay in a room with no window? No. Take in that fresh air and enjoy the daylight hours instead of being cooped up. You'll feel better for it!

These are just a few tips that I came up with but if you have more, feel free to pop them in the comments! How do you de-stress?

Sarah x
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Henna has been used for a suspected 9000 years in Eastern cultures, used for weddings, birthdays and holidays in decorating brides-to-be and guests of the host. It can also be used as hair colour, but has had some taboo surrounding it for a number of years because of allergic reactions that black henna can cause.
The henna used in this post, Golecha Quick Dry Henna, is entirely herbal so no nasty allergens and it's clinically tested. If you're prone to allergic reactions then do a test before hand just to be safe! I've been through anaphylaxis and am allergic to just about anything but I can promise that this henna is safe and sound! This particular henna goes dark instantly and lasts up to a week or two depending on your skin type. For advice on real, needle and ink tattoos, head to this post!