As part of my new three-part series, 'Eco House' and in celebration of World Vegan Month, I'm showing you my favourite cruelty free picks from each room in my house! Everything from bathroom cleaners to my favourite vegan treats and make-up products. We'll start with the bedroom; my pamper products and make-up picks as it's been a tough few weeks for us all (with he-who-shall-not-be named elected) and we could all do with a little time off. Riiiiiight?!
My first two thoughts after receiving the invite to Bon Prix on the Rocks were something along the lines of 'OH MY GOD AN EVENT IN THE NORTH' and 'party time'! It's not often I get to doll myself up a little and go out (I'm in uni, I know it should be a regular occasion but clubs aren't my cup of tea) so I was super excited to choose my dress and get my best heels on.

I was in Leeds this weekend, pushing between people doing their Christmas shopping on my way to the Bon Prix on the Rocks cocktail party where everyone was dressed to the nines in sequins and lace, (post to follow)! The Christmas markets have started up already and towering fairy lights stop the city from going dark at night now (which is at about 4:30pm), so it seems that Christmas is on our doorstep!

As bloggers, we're always told that we need a niche. Categorise your ideas so you can target them at a specific audience- but we're not robots who can tap out seven hundred words on only eyelashes or skincare every day. Beauty is one of the largest and most successful 'niches' out there but to that I say WHAT'S GOOD? Literally, what else is good? As people, we have other interests, hobbies, talents- and so do our readers.

No- not the awesome Childish Gambino album of 2013. You may have noticed that there's been some radio silence over here for the last two weeks! Don't worry, I haven't fallen out of love with blogging or spewing a million of my thoughts online, quite the opposite.