15 December 2015

Home Sweet Home

Hooray! A week of deadlines is over and us uni students have been set free to roam back home. I arrived here on Friday, totally ready for fluffy slippers (or in this case, giraffe slippers, see below), cuddles with my pooch and a whole lot of Christmas movies- just what the doctor ordered. 
It'll be another week until my friends get to return home as we're all studying in different cities, but I can't wait to catch up and have a few drinks. Mum has decorated the house with twinkling lights, baubles, wreaths and pinecones and the whole place smells of advent candles, laundry and home cooked food.


02 December 2015

Why it's Okay to Not be Okay! | Blogmas

A lot of us blame ourselves for our anxieties, we apologise for feeling sad or mopey and hide it in fear of not being fun to be around but this is just what we tell ourselves. We sit and wonder why we don't feel okay, we're taught that there always has to be a reason and you have to tackle it or there's something wrong with you- this isn't always true! None of us are a stranger to the feeling that is sadness, or anger. Or even just not being okay in general.


01 December 2015

Jewellery | DDxBSxRR Collection

2015 seems to have been an excellent year for Regal Rose. Among new releases, back in June the amazing Hannah Sykes collaborated with Regal Rose to make this beautiful line of jewellery. Lately, with winter settling in and layers upon layers of clothes, I've found it a super nice touch to adorn my hands and ears with rings and chains galore. 

The piece I chose (the range has five amazing pieces in total) was Bodhi. Bodhi means enlightenment, illumination and clarification. Inspired by buddhism and art culture in eastern Asia, each design is 14k gold plated and sterling silver. Which means no nasty infections and a delicate yet tough piece of jewellery! It arrived in a gorgeous drawstring black bag with the collaboration logo printed in gold foil.
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