At such a young age with many mistakes yet to make, I don't feel entirely qualified to write about this, but I've been in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for close to 3 years now. There's something morbidly satisfying knowing that you've outlasted a few couples that you thought were made for each other *muaha* and something completely satisfying about sharing how you've stayed so happy in your relationship so that others might feel the same.

Hello lovely people! I don't know about you, but here in the UK it's starting to creep into that time of year where the summer sun is deceiving, conkers are beginning to crack on the pavement and the leaves are slowly but surely starting to turn. I've decided to get down and cosy in George's transitional summer to autumn range*, readying myself for the inevitable cooler months ahead.
In the UK 5.4 million people struggle with asthma everyday. I was diagnosed at the age of around two after struggling to breathe and contracting chest infections. Now, at the age of 19 breathing is something I still struggle with every day, though how difficult it is changes from day to day.
Credit Cirque de Art

In 2009 I remember waking up one morning and finding out that a girl I knew (albeit via Twitter) had suddenly passed away during the night from an asthma attack. She hadn't been ill, or sick or congested, she woke up in the night and went into an attack then died and it terrifies me that that could happen to any of us.

I popped down to our local comic book store with my boyfriend the other day to drop off some issues of 3 Parts Mad, without the intention of going anywhere else until I remembered that the Superdrug around the corner stocks Make-Up Revolution. 
Hollllly smokes! When I saw this palette I had to have it. I've actually had my eye on it for a little while now but never had the courage to put anything brighter than rose on my eyelids. Lately I've been leaning towards the orange/pink horizon (who knows, maybe I'm finally exiting my little emo phase, or entering a more hard 'scene' one. C'mon, we've all been there) and decided that I might as well go big or go home with this AH-MAY-ZING palette.
Can you say NOSTALGIA?! In my previous Hidden Treasures post I took you to a little flower shop in the city of Preston, my second home. This time we're going to The Sweet Emporium in my home town. I've been away for a year and haven't ventured into the town centre so forgive me if you're reading this from the little old Lake District and have been here already, but I got excited about this place.
There's not much better on a rainy day than being in a blanket on the sofa, taking a break from the world around you.  Perhaps you wanted to watch a movie; there are a million of them out there but you can't think of a single one that you'd love to watch right now, so you've ended up somewhere like here. Let me help you out! Here are my favourite 5 movies to watch on a rainy day.
  1. Into The Wild: One man, a successful graduate and athlete, Christopher McCandless makes his way from home to Alaska under the name Alexander Supertramp, penniless and alone in an attempt to rid himself of dependency and possessions. This truly is a movie for the adventurous escapists or the wild at heart. See the trailer here.
For a while I've been looking for a mascara that really makes my eyes POP while not breaking the bank, and it's got to the point in the month/year where all of my make-up decides to run out at once. Even if I have very little foundation on, if my eyelashes and eyebrows are camera-ready then I look and feel okay to face the world for the day. 
Photo: McKel Hill
Admit it, you've probably looked in the mirror once or twice and not been happy with what you saw, attempted crash dieting for 10 days or cut your calorie intake for a week in an admirable attempt to lose weight. Maybe you lost a few pounds, but you've gained a few if not most of them back now, right? And that could be why you're reading this post on why dieting isn't working for you, or anyone.

Trust me, this is no revelation and I'm sure that you've been told before (if you haven't then grab a cuppa and listen) that dieting does not work. There's a lot more science behind it than you think and than I can fully explain incase I get it terribly wrong but it goes something like this:

It's been another whirlwind of a few weeks over here, since my last 'Life Lately' post, time has gone so quickly! I mean, we're halfway through August already, where has the year gone?!
Since you read my last catch-up post, lots of little and large things have made an appearance in my life. From my first nephew being born, my boyfriend's birthday and selling my comic '3 Parts Mad' internationally, it's been another crazy couple of weeks. 
For a while I was super stressed out, which has made me consider keeping a journal where I can just tear out the pages once I'm done writing or ranting into it so I never have to look at it again haha. Do any of you have a journal? I've found that writing down feelings helps but I always get annoyed when re-reading them. 

Put your hands up if you're guilty. We often think of charity shops as the complete opposite of glamorous but while strutting my stuff down the promenade in these bold Jeffrey Campbell's I felt glamorous as anything! We took a walk last weekend at Grange-over-Sands, a quiet little town in the lake district (you can read more about this day here) where I took the chance to break in these loud shoes that I found in a charity shop in my home town. 
Guess how much they cost? Any guesses? No, okay.

Ah smoothies. Sweet, sweet smoothies! Everyones favourite snack (or meal!) in summer, from breakfast smoothies to afternoon snacks, berries to bananas, there's always a recipe that everyone can enjoy. Often I don't follow recipe's and just throw in complimentary fruits but with this one I decided to plan a little more so that I can share it for you guys to enjoy. The recipe is simple and easily manipulated to your taste, so have fun and play around with some substitute ingredients for what you don't like or have.
She's the one on the right, the other is me
Forgive this rather serious post, it's not something I'd usually post but as some of you may know, on the 6th August I became an Auntie for the first time! 

My nephew is called Alfie and was born fit and healthy at 12:06pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz. Usually, when I see this sort of information on Facebook or the likes, I'll scroll past and roll my eyes at it being another pregnant teen, however this time it was my younger sister.

We all got to meet him in the evening of his birth and held him for a while. They're both home now and I've been cooing over him so much. My sister Laura is 17 (only just...) and I remember going on a cold walk with her in winter, when we found out she was pregnant. We knew as well as anybody that this wasn't the best thing for her life. She's only young and was still in sixth form at the time, without any A-levels, re-sitting some GSCE's. She's so smart but suffers bad anxiety and had no means for a job in the future, so you can see where we're coming from with the 'not the best thing' attitude.

I've been nominated for this award by the lovely Izzy. She's one of my favourite bloggers so I'm flattered that she tagged me in this! As she said, blogger awards are awarded to bloggers by bloggers, so it's nice to be responsive and reply to these tags when they're given to you.

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These are the questions Izzy had for me:

We had a sunny Saturday this weekend so decided to take a family trip into the Lakes with Mylo to make the most of the beginning of a new month. We're so lucky to live where we do, with the Lake District on our doorstep (although it does mean it rains quite a bit here), and Grange-over-Sands is a quaint little town with some beautiful views on a sunny day.

Having a summer bucket list can be great for the days where you don't know what to do with yourself. Since leaving school for higher education, summer has lasted around 10 weeks each year! I've had a lot of time for exciting adventures. Last year my boyfriend and I made a bucket list (more me saying a million things I wanted to do and him telling me to write them down), and I've decided to do the same again albeit smaller.

Last year we hired out a rowing boat Lake Windermere in the early hours of the morning, took a visit to the aquarium and an expensive bar, went blackberry picking (and made an awesome crumble), made sushi together and got into the swing of creating our comic, 3 Parts Mad, among other things.