red and pink flowers in water
The weather here this week has been nothing short of beautiful. We got out a few days ago and walked for hours along the side of a river, to a field of cows, down a rocky muddy riverbank and back home again after laying on the grass in the park for a couple of hours. My freckles have well and truly come out! 

As much as I love this climate, I'm SO not cut out for it. My northern blood, (plus English, French, Scottish and Irish) is totally against me when it comes to the heat and my temperature resembles that of a volcano after a little walk in the sun, hahaha.

I've picked a couple of my favourite cruelty free fragrances for Spring to cover up that afternoon hike BO, including some scents supposedly for men, so this might also serve as a gift guide for someone special or simply for yourself! There's nothing wrong with women wearing cologne especially when the smell makes you want to swoon. 
cacti infront of floral candle lantern

The last haul I did here was SO long ago, you'd think I never buy anything (hello student living), but since I'm moving out of my current home in a couple of weeks, I took a trip to Fishergate Shopping Centre again to browse the homeware. I'm forever swooning over interior blogs such as Anna's Don't Cramp My Style and crazy plant IG's (#PlantsonPink, anyone?), so much so that the excitement is bubbling in me to almost boiling point. More than ready to decorate my own space, representing me beautifully.

I thought you'd appreciate seeing some of the homeware pieces I picked up! Trying to stick to my eco-conscious truths and bare in mind that buying new isn't always the best option, if you know me you'll know to find me in the trinkets section of any charity shop, so the materials these are made of are chosen with the Earth in mind!

You might remember that in March, the lovely Joana sent over a guest post with some handy hair hacks for Spring. This post went down so well and hopefully helped a lot of you (I know I've used a couple of her haircare tips since), so when a lady called Angela reached out to me with a post on how to pack quickly, I thought you guys would appreciate seeing this too. 

Festival season is coming up and so many of us are off on our jollies soon so this post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time! Hopefully you find some tips that help you here (and don't forget to tell me about your trips, so I can live vicariously through them).

Once in a while, everyone deserves to take some time off from work and busy everyday life and organize a dream vacation for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you like to soak up the sun at the beach, hike through the woods and mountains, check out famous landmarks, museums, architectural miracles or parks, it’s always nice to relax and do what you enjoy. Every now and then, comes a time when a sudden trip surprises us, but don’t panic, because there’s an easy solution for that. Here’s how to pack within in 30 minutes and start your trip stress-free. 

urban decay naked skin flatlay with flowers

Last week I had my Urban Decay make-up done at Debenhams in Fishergate Shopping Centre. I booked in for the 'Full Monty' beauty treatment, done by the lovely Sarah! We had a joke about how that's the best name ever (duh) and she got to work glamming my face up the way only the ladies of Urban Decay know how. I booked in for a 45 minute session- a full face make-over and was introduced to the beautiful Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat palettes which actually come out on the 11th May. (being the art lover I am I was stunned and so excited to try these shades a week early!)

I chose to work with 'Tenant' for it's bright colours from greens to blues, to a luxurious purple. The box is a reprint of Jean-Michel's artworks and is made of canvas,  a super lovely touch. Not only that but you can hang the palettes up like little paintings!

yellow flowers on a tree

There have been so many thoughts in my head lately that it's been a struggle to whittle them down into something readable for you guys, so I've tried to break them down into sections. This post might be a little bit of a ramble but the past week or two have been life changing, mind changing, I feel like my whole character and things I define myself by are morphing into something bigger and better. Here's a few notes for you:
janjira's bubble mask review on face

The final three weeks of my degree have arrived and stress leaves me no stranger to break-outs. I've never been one to suffer from acne or dry skin but I've noticed that stress definitely makes a difference and always leaves my face looking tired or dull, which makes me more stressed out! So, for the past couple of weeks I've been making little adjustments to my skincare regime, including throwing some luxury everyday masks in there for a little well earned pampering!