19 July 2017

Graduation, Moving & New Starts | Life Lately

Bedroom with sash window
Hellooooo lovely people! What a month it has been! The last you heard from me about life in general was in May, where I talked a lot about how I was exploring a spiritual side of my mind along with musings on gratitude, living and making the most of my days. I'd just been through a traumatic experience and looking back now, when I wrote that post I really was not in the best place. I needed time to recuperate mentally, so writing it out like that and taking a breather was exactly what I needed.

I'd been having anxiety (especially about allergies and food) which has now pretty much passed! In fact, I attended a counselling session which was quite helpful though I felt I only needed the one and I feel so, so much better. It's so important to recognise when you need to talk to someone.

Since May, I've had my final university exhibition, visited home, graduated with an upper second class grade (2:1), moved into a new place with my boyfriend, began seriously freelancing (oh book balancing, my old friend) and started two new jobs! It feels like I'm always busy but honestly I thrive this way and NEVER forget to drop in chill time in the evenings.


17 July 2017

What A Beautiful Sight | GlassesShop.com Review

girl wearing pink glasses

For some reason, almost every summer I decide I want to improve or re-invent myself somehow. Even if the reinvention is simply cutting my hair, or changing my hair colour, feeling like a new me can often be the motivation I need to do better and be better!

I've always known that I've had less than perfect sight, but I always thought that glasses never looked quite *right* on me. Too squeamish for contact lenses, I avoided the problem as much as I could but with my line of work being drawing (sometimes really detailed) illustrations or looking at a computer screen for a long time, it was time to buck up and hunt down the perfect pair. So while browsing The Glasses Shop's catalogue, I decided to go for a daringly beautiful pink pair of eyeglasses.


14 July 2017

A Girl's Night In with Skinny Cocktails*

cocktails on a table

Welcome to a post scheduled for June, a post that slipped through my fingers as quickly as the past month itself! As the stresses of student living come to an end, I found a little down-time to have a girly night in with my friend Robyn accompanied by some cocktails courtesy of Skinny Cocktails*. 

We headed to an Urban Decay party for an exclusive preview of their Shapeshifter and Afterglow palettes (the Afterglow palette is to DIE for, so shimmery) where Robyn got her make-up done and we gorged on bottles of bubbly.

25 June 2017

Kill It with Kindness | Discrimination & Gossiping

Orange and yellow hand lettering

I truly believe the roots of all evil are 1. money and 2. intolerance. See the thing with intolerance is that to combat it, you don't even have to participate, talk about or enjoy the thing you can't stand, but simply tolerate it.

Tolerating is the simplest of all tasks, requiring only that you eat up your disputes for the sake of peace. Of course, if the thing you can't stand is hurting people, then there are grounds to stand up against it, but if the thing that you hate is someone's religion, someone's blog or even change of hair colour then the best thing you can do is stay shutum.

To discriminate against someone for anything is to believe that you are better than them. Does this negative emotion or way of thinking serve you? Are you putting energy into gossiping about someone when you could be putting it into bettering yourself? Do you really want or need that negativity in or around you? 

19 June 2017

Wild Swimming in Windermere 🌻 Photo Diary // Journal

underwater rocks, floating in lake windermere

Yesterday was one of the loveliest days of my life, hands down. Not much beats soaking up sunshine in nature, spending the day making friends with strangers and trekking down little footpaths to enjoy clear, warm(ish) waters. The Lake District is where I grew up, so being in familiar surroundings made yesterday just that much better. 

Alex and I headed by train to Windermere, one of my favourite places in the Lake District, to have a swim and get some well deserved chill time as we've both just finished our degrees (I got a 2:1!!). The weather was a fine 25-28C and I could feel my legs radiating heat on the lake shore whenever I stepped out of the water. 

Around us were a few families cooking up kebab sticks on disposable barbecues, sipping on beer and splashing around in the lake. It was pretty peaceful until around dinner time when a few more people had the same idea, but to be in like-minded company was sweet. 

17 June 2017

My Copper IUD (No Hormones) | Three Year Update

lying in bed with leaves

When I was 18 I decided to use the non-hormonal, copper IUD. Mainly for my sanity, as hormonal contraception was driving me up the wall and the perk of having no period wasn't enough to justify crying for no reason more often than I changed my underwear. YA FEEL?!

If you want to read about why I chose the IUD and how my experience was with insertion, aftercare and cramps then see here! The following is a little update and some answers to questions I've been asked about my IUD over the last year or so.


16 June 2017

10 Things I Feel Grateful For Lately 🙌

Reading while sipping coffee flatlay

It can be hard sometimes, especially when in a routine of seeing the same things and people everyday, to feel grateful for the experiences that so quickly become mundane. Have you ever heard the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? To see value in the simplest of moments is just as valuable to our inner growth as knowing when to cut ties with negative sources.

When life gets slow or boring it's important to forcibly sprinkle gratitude into our everyday life in order to really appreciate things. Feel low? Gratitude. Feeling like life is unfair? Gratitude. Seeing the light in the lowest of situations is a skill that is soooo valuable to develop! It's how I stay happy! Of course, it's no cure for depression but sure helps me to keep my head above water. Know that you deserve to feel good! 

Here are some things I've been feeling grateful for lately:

14 June 2017

IG x Creative Debuts | Meeting Instagram's Co-Founder

Cocktail on yellow table
Creative Debuts credit

Hello lovely peopleeeee! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. This year has been (so far) the busiest, craziest learning curve of my life but it hasn't come without it's perks. At the start of this month I was invited to travel down to to Shoreditch, London to meet up with a bunch of other young artists as part of an event with Instagram and Creative Debuts

Creative Debuts provide a free platform for young artists to exhibit their work, and they also hold awesome events weekly to join together creative minds. Honestly the whole thing made me want to move to Shoreditch, it was all so ALIVE!


01 June 2017

How To Start Making Art (Inspiration & Supplies)

Sea themed painting in watercolours

I talked a little on my Instagram the other day about how creativity is more of a natural human instinct than we think. To quote one of my favourite books right now:

"Human beings have been creative beings for a really long time- long enough and consistently enough that it appears to be a totally natural impulse. Consider this fact: The earliest evidence of recognisable human art is forty thousand years old. The earliest evidence of human agriculture, by contrast, is only ten thousand years old. Which means that somewhere in our collective evolutionary story, we decided it was way more important to make attractive, superfluous items than it was to learn how to regularly feed ourselves." -Big Magic, Liz Gilbert

To me this is so true! I've been making (usually a mess) for as long as I can remember and feel like making art or being creative is something that everyone can and should enjoy. So many people I know stopped making things because they didn't choose Art & Design in school, or were told they shouldn't because they'd fail. 


30 May 2017

6 Cruelty Free Spring Fragrances*

red and pink flowers in water
The weather here this week has been nothing short of beautiful. We got out a few days ago and walked for hours along the side of a river, to a field of cows, down a rocky muddy riverbank and back home again after laying on the grass in the park for a couple of hours. My freckles have well and truly come out! 

As much as I love this climate, I'm SO not cut out for it. My northern blood, (plus English, French, Scottish and Irish) is totally against me when it comes to the heat and my temperature resembles that of a volcano after a little walk in the sun, hahaha.

I've picked a couple of my favourite cruelty free fragrances for Spring to cover up that afternoon hike BO, including some scents supposedly for men, so this might also serve as a gift guide for someone special or simply for yourself! There's nothing wrong with women wearing cologne especially when the smell makes you want to swoon. 

29 May 2017

Summer Homeware Haul | Fishergate Shopping Centre

cacti infront of floral candle lantern

The last haul I did here was SO long ago, you'd think I never buy anything (hello student living), but since I'm moving out of my current home in a couple of weeks, I took a trip to Fishergate Shopping Centre again to browse the homeware. I'm forever swooning over interior blogs such as Anna's Don't Cramp My Style and crazy plant IG's (#PlantsonPink, anyone?), so much so that the excitement is bubbling in me to almost boiling point. More than ready to decorate my own space, representing me beautifully.

I thought you'd appreciate seeing some of the homeware pieces I picked up! Trying to stick to my eco-conscious truths and bare in mind that buying new isn't always the best option, if you know me you'll know to find me in the trinkets section of any charity shop, so the materials these are made of are chosen with the Earth in mind!

12 May 2017

How To Pack For a Trip In Under 30 Minutes

You might remember that in March, the lovely Joana sent over a guest post with some handy hair hacks for Spring. This post went down so well and hopefully helped a lot of you (I know I've used a couple of her haircare tips since), so when a lady called Angela reached out to me with a post on how to pack quickly, I thought you guys would appreciate seeing this too. 

Festival season is coming up and so many of us are off on our jollies soon so this post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time! Hopefully you find some tips that help you here (and don't forget to tell me about your trips, so I can live vicariously through them).

Once in a while, everyone deserves to take some time off from work and busy everyday life and organize a dream vacation for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you like to soak up the sun at the beach, hike through the woods and mountains, check out famous landmarks, museums, architectural miracles or parks, it’s always nice to relax and do what you enjoy. Every now and then, comes a time when a sudden trip surprises us, but don’t panic, because there’s an easy solution for that. Here’s how to pack within in 30 minutes and start your trip stress-free. 


09 May 2017

Fishergate Shopping Centre | 'The Full Monty' UD Makeover Experience

urban decay naked skin flatlay with flowers

Last week I had my Urban Decay make-up done at Debenhams in Fishergate Shopping Centre. I booked in for the 'Full Monty' beauty treatment, done by the lovely Sarah! We had a joke about how that's the best name ever (duh) and she got to work glamming my face up the way only the ladies of Urban Decay know how. I booked in for a 45 minute session- a full face make-over and was introduced to the beautiful Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat palettes which actually come out on the 11th May. (being the art lover I am I was stunned and so excited to try these shades a week early!)

I chose to work with 'Tenant' for it's bright colours from greens to blues, to a luxurious purple. The box is a reprint of Jean-Michel's artworks and is made of canvas,  a super lovely touch. Not only that but you can hang the palettes up like little paintings!


07 May 2017

Life Lately | Everything is Changing

yellow flowers on a tree

There have been so many thoughts in my head lately that it's been a struggle to whittle them down into something readable for you guys, so I've tried to break them down into sections. This post might be a little bit of a ramble but the past week or two have been life changing, mind changing, I feel like my whole character and things I define myself by are morphing into something bigger and better. Here's a few notes for you:

03 May 2017

CF Skincare Review | Janjira, Maskorea & Homemade

janjira's bubble mask review on face

The final three weeks of my degree have arrived and stress leaves me no stranger to break-outs. I've never been one to suffer from acne or dry skin but I've noticed that stress definitely makes a difference and always leaves my face looking tired or dull, which makes me more stressed out! So, for the past couple of weeks I've been making little adjustments to my skincare regime, including throwing some luxury everyday masks in there for a little well earned pampering!

25 April 2017

Matte Me Up Barry M Liquid Lip Paints | Review

I remember being a fan of Barry M when my thirteen year old self wanted to do make-overs at sleepovers and finally had the pocket money to try the make-up that all the older, cooler teenagers were wearing. Barry M has come a long way since then in establishing themselves as the go-to cruelty free make-up brand for crazy colourful products, but have toned it down for their Matte Me Up collection with some gorgeous matte nudes.

Below, I managed to get my hands on On The Scene (top swatch, beige) and Minimalist (bottom swatch, pink) for £4.99 each at Next, surprisingly! Next are stockists of Barry M as well as most UK high street drugstores. For £4.99 these are SUCH a worthwhile purchase! The formula is very opaque, the swatches below were one coat and you can see how well it covers my tattoos

22 April 2017

My Week in Perfect Plants | Earth Day 2017

banana leaf plant in a greenhouse

I've said it before, a lot of times actually... I love plants. There's this need rooted deep within me (bad pun intended) to fill everywhere I live with beautiful little plants. When I finally start moving into my new house it's definitely going to be stuffed with these awesome green things, from top to bottom. You might even have to bring hedge trimmers to get in through the front door. 

Perhaps its something about how they grow, or how I can see them flourishing more the better care I take with them. Just the fact that nature produces such crazy patterns and colours is a beautiful thing! Not only that but they make great painting reference for my sketchbook illustrations.

21 April 2017

6 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog

feather dusting a macbook

Spring cleaning your blog doesn't have to be quite as literal as feather dusting the cobwebs, but it can improve your blog's DA to visit the stale, forgotten corners of your site sometimes. You don't even have to overhaul them to notice an improvement, a little simple spring cleaning never hurt anyone!

I'm not an SEO expert, there are plenty of bloggers out there who are, but me and my DA of 21 are getting along just fine right now after being stuck at 18 for what felt like forever. I noticed that when I took a little hiatus from blogging in March, my SEO suffered even though I hadn't added or taken away anything from my site! There are so many little things I neglected that I realised could do with a little regular polishing from now on, and it's so easy.

16 April 2017

8 Thoughts I Had About Life, After Anaphylaxis

potted cactus cuttings in palm of my hand
So if you keep up on Twitter you may know that this week I had my first and hopefully last ambulance ride as I went into anaphylaxis for the second time in my life. This time it was a really bad reaction to an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin (which I'll be steering SO clear of that and all of it's Quinalone counterparts for the rest of my life), not peanuts! Damn you medicine, I trusted you *shakes fist*

Since the first time I went into anaphylaxis, I've been slightly paranoid sometimes about whether a prickling in my throat is allergies or just placebo from being worried. Adopting a positive mindset everyday and trying to come to terms with the fact that whatever happens, happens has helped a lot but with the reaction this week I've been so shaken physically and mentally. It's not that often I'm open about mental health or my most inner thoughts online but I feel like perhaps writing this post will help me to deal with the anxieties that this week has bestowed upon me, bury it all and move the hell onnnnnn.


02 April 2017

Gold For The Soul & Advice Box? | SP #18

girl lying in bed fashion shot

Hey all! HAPPY DAY AFTER APRIL FOOLS DAY when I can finally take the internet seriously, am I right? 

As you might know, it was my 21st birthday last week, which I spent in my home town with my family (after a lovely day with Alex at the local teahouse eating amazing vegan food, gulping down cactus tea and chilling in the sunshine) and it was perfect. I also treated myself to some gorgeous earrings this week as I've been obsessing over gold lately. Have you heard of Kintsukuroi? >

30 March 2017

SoLita's Private Dining Room, Preston | Vegan

Hello again! It's been a long week of working hard on my Honours project and giving up a social life. Ahhhh, to be a student! I'm in my final year at UCLan and as you may already know, no student can say no to free food especially when it's cooked in a kitchen you can see through, at a private room launch. That's what SoLita prepared for us when we were so kindly invited to the launch of their new private dining room in Preston!

I got to met up with Lily Kate and Claire again, for the first time since our night at the amazing Boohoo spa event, back at the beginning of a chilly February! This time we donned something a little less casual than bath robes.

28 March 2017

7 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

So a lovely lady called Joana reached out to me and asked if she could write a piece for The Scarlet State on hair hacks. I've always experimented with hair colours, from bright red, orange and yellow to cooled down blue and purple ombres. At the moment I'm a dark brunette which feels boring compared to my previously colourful locks, so I've been searching for ways to spice things up a little through new hair styles! This is what Joana came up with. So many awesome tips! 

26 March 2017

Celebrating 21 Years (In My Body) | Sunday Post #18

Yesterday was my birthday! I was going to do a post on 20 things I learned while being 20 but the most important thing I've learned is this, which a couple of years ago it would have taken great confidence to post. I know that posting it now isn't even necessary, but yesterday marked twenty-one years in my body- 21 years of climbing, walking, dancing, bruising, breathing, bathing, tripping up, grazing, resting, running, stretching, travelling place to place with this old skin machine (that sounds gross haha) that is entirely my own. 

23 March 2017

5 Things We Need to STOP Buying | f.e.t.e

If you haven't yet checked out this post and guessed what my latest project is about, then you may want to take a peek! There's some useful info there about why one-use, not-so-disposable plastics are BAD NEWS for us, our 'food', animals and the environment. I also talked about it a little over on Instagram last week. Don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. There's so much room for change that we're swimming in it, as much as we are literally, swimming. in. it.  Here are 5 things that we need to stop buying and why!


21 March 2017

Joan Collins Class Act Lash Growth Treatment | Review

In search of fluttery lashes for Spring, I decided to try out Joan Collin's Class Act Lash Growth Treatment* for 30 days. This burlesque-like, art deco, glamorously packaged product has been said to help grow your lash length by 169% (please, tell me how you worked this out!) and increase volume of your lashes in 30 days of using it once a day. 

Firstly, I'm obsessed with this packaging! It reminds me a little of Charlotte Tilbury's but killlllls it as a complete set with the JC Compact Duo, you can tell it's a part of Joan's Timeless Beauty Range. I've not noticed any long term growth, but after putting it on nightly I noticed that my lashes were a little longer in the mornings when applying my regular mascara. 

19 March 2017

A Very Colourful Sketchbook Tour +Q&A | Sunday Post #17

It's nice to peek into the minds of other people sometimes, that's why you and I read blogs, right? To me, a sketchbook is the same: a bundle of ideas and creativity that's all stemmed from the mind of one person. Other than that I'm just a nosy lil sh*t. 

After explaining how busy March has been so far I thought it best to just show you what my hands and mind have been off making instead of just explaining! There's been a couple of projects on the go, so here are a few stray pages and details of the ones which turned out best.

17 March 2017

Life Lately | Away With the Fairies, Busy as Hell

As you know, even the smallest of hiatus here concludes with a catch up! It's been a long three weeks since I touched base in my corner of the internet which is crazy, since I was so regularly posting content for a good while. Being in the 'real world' without time to blog made it feel like a bigger chunk of my life was missing than there actually has been but it was nice to give attention to other things. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and how I've missed this little space! The truth is, I've been so busy for the last month that once my last assignment deadline was over, I simply needed a break, some time to recharge my creative batteries. 

23 February 2017

What Makes You, You?

I think for a lot of women in their late teens and early twenties, the occasional 'identity crisis' is normal. At this age, it's expected for you to experiment and try new things, new looks, new lifestyles all while having an idea in mind of who you want to be. We often try to attain these ideals through our experiments, but are left feeling more confused than before. 

We're always told by the media what looks good and what doesn't, what beauty is and what the current trends are so understandably it's a difficult decision when it comes to deciding what we really want to be like.


21 February 2017

9 Tips on How to Manage University and Blogging

It doesn't feel like I've been blogging albeit the short haitus, since my first year of uni. It's all gone so fast! During some semesters it's been harder to find time to sit down at my laptop and blog but in others, finding the time to write has been much easier. Sometimes prioritising uni first (after all, you're paying for it) is best, but that doesn't mean that your creativity and love of blogging has to slow down!


19 February 2017

Easy Vegan Strawberry Pastry Parcels | Sunday Post #16

Before I knew how to cook, I'd bake with my mum and sisters. Baking has always been one of my favourite things to do on rainy days (except for watching movies), or slow Sunday afternoons where I could do with a pick-me-up. As a kid, jam tarts were my favourite sweet treat and as an adult I adore the tangy taste of strudel, especially as it's so easy to find a vegan one!


16 February 2017

Dealing with Choosing and Losing Furry Friends

You've met Mylo, right? He's my pooch and one of my best friends, as sad as that sounds, he really does mean the world to me! I know I mean the world to him because my family and I are all he has, that's why it's important to choose wisely when you're thinking of getting a dog.

I remember the first day we saw Mylo, he was in a video online with his little brothers and sisters at a farm in Burnley. He's a cockapoo who are known for being people loving, easily trainable, small and hypo-allergenic dogs that fit perfectly into family life. He's quite at home in our family of six (my nephew is the latest arrival!) as we chose a Cockapoo because we knew it could work.

14 February 2017

Arbonne's Lip Treatment Review | Vegan Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! I ♡ you. 

If you can't rock a red lip on Valentines day, when can you? Red lips have been a signature of bold beauty for years and after this whole matte lip craze, I'm ready to start bringing a little glossiness back into my life. For the last two weeks I've been testing out Arbonnes Intelligent Lip Treatment*, a balm that is applied morning and evening and can go under lipstick. 

12 February 2017

Things That Keep Me Sane | Sunday Post #15

Listen up! I've become a pro at steering clear of stress-induced insanity and using everyday comforts as a crutch, so I'm here to share with you my vices at the moment and things I'm currently obsessed with. If you want to join me on the quest for everyday happiness, keep reading...

11 February 2017

Boohoo x Village Hotel Espa Experience | #WeAreSS17

Last week Boohoo SO kindly treated north-west bloggers to a couple of hours at the poolside of Village Hotel in Warrington, for relaxation, pampering and prosecco. The last time I visited a spa was when at about 17 years old with my mum in Whinfell Forest (one of my most favourite places for a long weekend away, I'm forever talking about this place and wishing I could go back) so when Boohoo's invited popped up in my e-mails I got so excited! 

If you read my last post you'll know that the past couple of weeks have been super stressful. I've been working my lil' butt off on a few different projects, so this was just the thing I needed to destress and set me up for a more relaxing weekend.

08 February 2017

Life Lately | Bird Sanctuaries, Illustrating and Books 🌿

I've been laying a little low on social media for the last two weeks as life has literally got the better of me, while blogging has got the not-so-better of me! It's taken a while to summon up the motivation to shoot new photos for this little corner of the internet, but I'm here now!

Since this heartfelt post on what we should be talking more about, I've been glaring at the world from behind a fort of sketchbooks, notes and clothes that I can't be bothered to hang up.

Over the last couple of weeks I've had so much uni work that it's SUCKED ALL THE FREAKIN' LIFE OUT OF ME and I feel guilty when I'm enjoying something that isn't an assignment. Currently I'm taken by a brief for the Penguin Design Competition as part of my course, coming up with book cover illustrations for 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾'. I read Adrian Mole as a kid and studied To Kill a Mockingbird in school, so most of last week was simply me, hunched at a desk drawing up what I remember of both books before a recap. It's been fun but boy is it difficult! 

26 January 2017

How To Stay Motivated to Work in Winter

You might have read the title of this post and though, hey? How is staying motivated in Winter any different from any other time of the year? Oh man, it is. The nights are dark and long in Winter, living in a cold student house is the least glamorous of environments and sometimes, frankly, I just can't be assed. You can't pretend you haven't been there too!

Especially when it gets dark at 4pm I struggle to continue working, or to even start when it feels like I may aswell have stayed in bed all day but Winter is almost over my friends, Spring is only a month (or two) away. We can push through and get this work done before the blissful summer nights roll around to carry us and our coursework into the sunset.


22 January 2017

Quick and Easy Vegan Scramble | Sunday Post #14

It was Alex's birthday the other day and we chilled hard, had a drink at the end of the day and then ended up staying awake until 4am for the millionth time. We weren't so hungover as we were tired but everyone knows that there's not much a fry-up can't fix, and being vegan doesn't mean missing out! Here's a super simple recipe to replace your scrambled eggs and sausage if you're trying to kick the meat. 


20 January 2017

6 Things We Need to Talk About Now More Than Ever | Taboo Talk #8

My blog is usually pretty full of sunshine and a chill place to be, but there sometimes comes a day when I really need to sit down and properly chat about what's in my head. I'm not a politician or scientist but there are a couple of issues and events that I've been paying most of my attention to over the last few months, that I feel need sharing with you now more than ever

19 January 2017

Seventeen Easy On The Eye Palette, The Big Smoke Review

I think in Winter, it's nice to go for colder colours in my make-up as my complexion is so much paler than it is in the summer (not that I ever really tan). My freckles go into hiding and my favourite wooly jumpers come out, along with the shimmeriest greys and blues of the season.

The Big Smoke* is a palette I've been dipping into a few times a week for that colder winter make-up that makes you look fierce as hell, when it's freezing outside and the wind turns your cheeks pink. It's a 12 shade palette (including one primer, a double ended brush and a mirror) with a range of colours from stone-grey to khaki green, bowie lookin' purple and aluminium metallics. Three of the shades in SEVENTEEN's sleekly designed palette are actually creams, which are my favourite right now!

I've always been more of a warm-toned eyeshadow kind of gal, but at the moment I can't get enough of blending a little cool grey into almost every look I do. 

17 January 2017

What My Tattoos and Being Tattooed Means to Me

Everyone has their own reasons for modifying their body, from lip fillers to split tongues and tattoos- ain't nothing wrong with any of it, as long as it's not harmful to anyone else (and how could it be).

My mum always knew I wanted to be tattooed, since I was about twelve (so you'd think the first one wouldn't have been a shock, right? Wrong. Hahaha), she's always supported me on my quest to colouring in everything and doodling my life away so art and illustration has always happily been a cornerstone of my identity.

15 January 2017

An Afternoon with Alfie | Sunday Post #13

Hello lovely readers! SO, I've decided to bring back the weekly Sunday Post series- though you might not have noticed it was gone. Basically my Sunday posts were a day in the week where the post would be pretty chill, not discussing anything too heavy, just something to catch up on with your morning coffee. My last one was in October, so it has been a while. Bare with me while I get it back on it's feet!

I headed home for Christmas in the middle of December and left last week after bawling my eyes out for a good hour, half because some days my hormones like to get crazy and half because as much as I can never wait to get back to uni, I always miss being around home so much!

12 January 2017

5 Teas to Keep You Warm and Well | Pukka Herbal Collection

On days when the cold outside is biting at my nose and fingers, there's nothing better to warm me up than a cup of tea and a bath. Seriously, I thought it was cold in October but this week I learned that the Halloween chill was nothing compared to the bitterness of January! Luckily I have a kettle on hand, candles and a steaming bathtub full of Lush until I head back to uni.

The other day I visited a temple with my family (so beautiful, I might have to write a post on it) and around the deity statues and prayer bowls were offerings of organic food and drinks. These teas were scattered around and I've actually tried them before but since then, Pukka have renewed their range a little and there are some brews in here that I've not even heard of! The whole box was £2.50, containing 20 bags of 5 different gorgeous tea blends and infusions. 

10 January 2017

Lush Northern Lights Bathbomb Set

To be a glittery goddess one must first bathe like a glittery goddess! I was given the Northern Lights bath bomb set for Christmas by my boyfriend's sister, Emily (thank you again Em!) and thought it would be rude to not show you guys how insanely gorgeous they are. They really smell as heavenly as they look. The set is made of three bath bombs; Northern Lights, Shoot for the Stars and Intergalactic. Shoot for the Stars and Intergalactic both have body glitter in them that sits on top of the water like stars. 

05 January 2017

Why I Went Vegan

A few of my friends and family might think I've gone crazy, but theres a lot more sense in going vegan to me, than there is to eating meat. Fear not, I'm not here to lecture you. I have no qualms with meat eaters or vegetarians (unless they shove their diet in my face and hate on my choices).

I can't pinpoint exactly when I went vegan as it's been more of a 'phase out' period for me up until a few months ago. Occasionally I might unintentionally ingest something that has an animal-product in but it's nearly impossible to be totally vegan in a world where tomato soup contains milk. C'mon man. Being vegetarian for almost a year before turning vegan meant that this change was quite easy for me and aside from that, obvious! 

01 January 2017

New Year's Blogging Resolutions & Reflections

In 2008 I made eighty-one resolutions. Needless to say, I stuck to about... zero of them. "It's time to start setting more realistic goals!" I said to myself and then made a list of every single thing about my life that I wanted to improve or change. Since then I've slowed down a lot, separated my goals into achievable parts and realised that just because January 1st rolls around doesn't mean that a sliver platter with my hopes and dreams on comes with it, though I wish it did!

I thought I'd share with you my blogging goals for the upcoming year as it's going to be nice (or terrible) looking back on them a year from now. Here goes:
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