Over the past year or so a clever MUA trick called 'colour correction' has become part of gals and guys daily make-up routines. The trick consists of combatting unwanted colour and blemishes with the opposite colour of the blemish on the 'colour wheel'. For dark under eye bags, orange is used to make them vanish. For unwanted redness, applying a cool shade of blue quickly takes away the rouge.

While practicing I used to use a £10 contour and colour palette from eBay but finally decided it was time to try out the good stuff. This gorgeous correction palette, called 'Age Defy Skin Perfector' is from Studio 10. It's small yet strong (like me, wa-heee) and holds a primer, concealer in two shades and blue and orange cream colour concealers.
As I type this I'm curled up in my boyfriend's bed, though he isn't here (he's on a course), while realising how terrifying this house is to be alone in! I arrived back from this awesome trip home yesterday and vlogged some of it for all y'all who like watching vlogs. It's sure as hell my guilty pleasure. I've also attempted to do up my YouTube channel since I've started to get a steady flow of videos. To clarify; this vlogging journey is mainly so when I go travelling in the next year or two I feel comfortable with filming and know the ins and outs of editing (or just about!). I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the weekend!

I've been so excited to publish this post since I started chatting to the wonderful Jade, who describes herself as a dreamer, photographer, botanical enthusiast, lover, wanderer and creator. It's clear to see that she is unapologetically herself, shining light and positivity on other through the platforms she is given.  When I first came across Jade's Instagram and blog, I was uplifted by her sense of wonder and ability to keep herself grounded; the amount of compassion and understanding she has while educating people on taboo topics is that of someone much older. Drawn to her travel photos, veganism, activism and following that, YouTube videos, I had to learn more about her as an inspiration to share with you all. 
Hello! This is a bit different to my usual posts but after the recent happenings in Orlando (it was just this time last year we were celebrating equality), I've been remembering how grateful I am for my time here on this vibrant blue planet and have been actively trying not to waste days as they go by. At the start of the year I went through a period of realisation and extreme change compared to what I'd been used to for so long but as an adult, I know that when you get stuck in a rut you must pull yourself out. So, in light of this, here are a few things I'm excited about and grateful for lately!

An upcoming collaboration with Ellis Cooper
I was chatting to this gorgeous lady a couple of days ago and we're collaborating on an art set in the coming weeks. As I write this I'm flying ideas and sketches around in my book. Honestly I can't wait to see the final thing, it's been a while since I created something I'm proud of, the last piece I created that was super fun was this paper and make-up portrait of Kylie Jenner.

Seeing Coldplay with my lil' sis
Last week I saw Coldplay with my sister Laura. We've both listened to Coldplay since we were really little, as little as I can recall! It was the most magical gig I've ever been to. We both came home with confetti in our bras, sore feet and a 'head full of dreams', literally in our head. I'm so grateful for that experience.

Hooraaaaah, festival season is upon us! But will you make it through, or are you ready for that post festival shower already? Fear not! I've put together a 9 tip guide based on my experiences at festivals to get you ready for the greatest events of the summer.

If you're worried about your hair hygiene, train it
I know for a lot of us with long hair, going 5 days without washing it can make it really unmanagable and gross. For one, nobody really cares or notices if your hair is smelly or greasy at a festival- however, about 10 days before the festival I 'train' my hair. I only wash it a couple of times in the run up to the festival and leave it for at least 4-5 days before the trip. On the morning of the festival I give it a good scrub and style! My hair is quite long but 'training' it before hand means that I can just use dry shampoo, bandanas or braid it at festivals and it doesn't get overly grubby despite rain and sweat!

Prepare for any weather! You won't regret it
Speaking of sweat- the festival you go to might have beaming sun or belting rain all week, so prepare for both regardless of what the weather forecast is! It's always good to have a pair of waterproof pants handy (not stylish, I know. But festivals aren't fashion shows) or some SPF 30 in your bag. If you're in England you're likely to get a mix of all weathers, so be ready!

Hello guys! I uploaded a new vlog last week and haven't shared it until now- this is a little more interesting than the last vlog I did. Alex and I took ourselves and my longboard on an adventure to a part of town we'd not visited before. On our student budget, we made a last minute picnic and Alex started to learn how to longboard! Also an appearance from what we thought might be a cat stuck up a tree, my travel plans and some amaaaaazing home baked cookies (vegan ones).

Again this video is unlisted on YouTube so you can only see it on my blog. I'm still not ready to launch myself onto the platform of YouTube, maybe once I get a little more comfortable with a camera or get a proper camera. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think and what you've been up to in the comments.