Personal Lip Colour Creations | SS: Peach Kiss

A creation of my own, for those days where you're rearing and ready to go, hit that pile of work on your desk or take a walk in the park.

To make Peach Kiss you will need
  • A nude or pale pink lipstick and an orange lipstick
For this one I used a nude as the base so your may turn out slightly different, but you can play around with the colour ratio to get it right!
  1. Prime your lips and apply a coat of nude or pale pink. 
  2. Take the orange lipstick and dab it into the centre of your lips, blending outwards towards the edges of your lips. 
  3. Using the brush and a dab of the orange, brush it along the outside of your lips for a fuller effect. Do not blend. 
  4. Lightly brush some powder over your lips, blot and blow off the excess. 
  5. Go over the top of your lips with the nude lipstick and using the brush, dab orange into the corners of your lips.
  6. Blend this towards the centre of your lip and blot.
  7. By now you should have a nice peachy colour! If you don't, continue adding orange and dabs of nude in the centre until it's all blended out. 
  8. (optional) I like to highlight the centre of my lips a little with either highlighter or light concealer. For this one I used Bootycall in the Naked2 Palette.

Finish with a setting spray. If your lips feel a little dry, dab a tiny bit of lip balm onto your finger then onto your lips! They should stay set no matter what but if you need to reapply, you only need to pop on a tiny bit of each colour over the top and blend. 
Head back to the original post here to comment, let me know which colour you liked best and if you made any of them!