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Pssst... keep this between us, but what if I told you that you could take two lipsticks and make three, four or even five different lip colours? What if you added a third lipstick into the mix? Imagine all of the possibilities! Here's the secret: you can.
As an artist and a generally educated human being, I started playing around with colour mixes at the age of about 5. The world of colour is out there and waiting to be discovered- did you know that we only have 3 'colour cones' (receptors) in our eyes and therefore can only see a mix of those colours? Mantis Shrimp have 12 colour receptors, so can see a whole psychedelic rainbow of colours that's beyond our comprehension, imagine the lipstick on that one, folks!

To keep it simple, I'm showing you some colour creations for the upcoming season, Autumn (or fall for you crazy Americans) and some dupes that you can make on the go. Ranging from peachy pink for the wide-eyed early birds, to reds and purples for the classy lady. The best thing about creating your own personal colours is tailoring them to your skin tone for an award-winning finish.

For all of these colours, you will need:
  • A small, or large lipstick collection
  • A lip brush
  • Pressed powder
First, (optional) prime your lips by gently exfoliating the dry parts away. You can use granulated sugar and a dab of honey for this then lick it off afterwards. Then apply a tiny, tiny amount of lip balm then dab a little foundation over your lips to make a base for the darker shades (diva and sunburst). Blot, and get ready to apply your lipstick!

Click on the colour you'd like to make here:
Velvet Teddy
Peach Kiss

Let me know what you thought of this post as it's something a little different. Which colour is your favourite?
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