Personal Lip Colour Creations | SS: Sunburst

Sunburst. Sounds tasty, doesn't it? This shade is perfect for when you're clutching onto summer rays, or to add a pop of colour to nude or natural make-up.

To make Sunburst you will need:
  • A red and an orange lipstick
  1. Prime your lips and apply a coat of orange and blot. 
  2. Using the brush, apply red to all corners of your lips and the bottom line, blend all inwards leaving a finger-space of orange in the middle.
  3. Lightly brush some powder over the top of your lips, blot and blow off the excess.
  4. Apply a top coat of orange only in the centre and bring in the red to the outsides again, bringing it further towards the middle this time. This gives an ombre, bursting effect.
  5. Finally, blot. Apply a very small dab of highlighter or concealer to the centre of your lips and blend out with your little finger. This should make your lips pop! Fini.
  6. (optional) Line the outside with a natural or white pencil to make your lips really stand out.

Finish with a setting spray. If your lips feel a little dry, dab a tiny bit of lip balm onto your finger then onto your lips! They should stay set no matter what but if you need to reapply, you only need to pop on a tiny bit of each colour over the top and blend. 
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