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A lot of us blame ourselves for our anxieties, we apologise for feeling sad or mopey and hide it in fear of not being fun to be around but this is just what we tell ourselves. We sit and wonder why we don't feel okay, we're taught that there always has to be a reason and you have to tackle it or there's something wrong with you- this isn't always true! None of us are a stranger to the feeling that is sadness, or anger. Or even just not being okay in general.

We try to fight it, pretend we're okay, make excuses but all of these things are just covering up what's lying underneath and will inevitably make an appearance later on- if you didn't know already, it's okay not to be okay!

Sometimes you can just feel sad, or alone, or empty and not know why. Do you know what the best thing to do in these situations is? Feel it.
Cry, scream, take yourself on a walk, write it all down in a blog post or journal, just feel it! Don't cover it up. If you deal with it in the now and you won't feel worse later on. Better yet, tell someone about it. No matter how big or little it is, there will always be someone out there willing to hear you out. If you just want someone to eat ice cream and watch re-runs of Friends with then there's probably someone out there waiting for you too. You don't have to pretend for anybody.
Be as honest with yourself as you would want a friend to be with you. Sometimes things get a little too much and we need a day off, a day away from e-mails and wearing a mask. Just let yourself feel mopey. It's okay not to be okay, it's okay to have a day off and watch every Home Alone consecutively under a fuzzy blanket and it's definitely okay to indulge yourself a little because you deserve it. Eventually, you'll start to feel better after getting all of this bad energy out of your system and you'll begin to feel motivated, happier all without any explanation why.
Everybody has down days. You're not alone in these feelings, ever, and you will feel better.
And if all else fails, resort to watching cute animal videos on YouTube. (always)
What are your thoughts on this? Do you have healthy ways of dealing with things? I'd love to know!
If you really don't feel okay and need some help, click here for a list of UK helplines.
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