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Over the past year or so a clever MUA trick called 'colour correction' has become part of gals and guys daily make-up routines. The trick consists of combatting unwanted colour and blemishes with the opposite colour of the blemish on the 'colour wheel'. For dark under eye bags, orange is used to make them vanish. For unwanted redness, applying a cool shade of blue quickly takes away the rouge.

While practicing I used to use a £10 contour and colour palette from eBay but finally decided it was time to try out the good stuff. This gorgeous correction palette, called 'Age Defy Skin Perfector' is from Studio 10. It's small yet strong (like me, wa-heee) and holds a primer, concealer in two shades and blue and orange cream colour concealers.

The pigment in the Age Defy palette is fantastic, giving enough coverage with little to avoid looking like a layer sponge. They are as silky as they look, super easy to blend together and stayed on pretty much the whole day. I was sent the medium/dark shades by accident and as you can tell I'm not the most bronze of bodies! So instead of using the concealer (which covered all of my sins) as concealer, I'm using it as a colour corrector. It just means I have more product!

The formula is so light that you can apply foundation over the top of it without it becoming thick. I've never used primer in a palette before, only serums and come to think of it I don't think I've ever come across one in a palette! The only problem I have with it being in the palette is that it's harder to apply. A sponge would absorb it and I'm not sure how much coverage I'm getting by using a brush or my fingers! Shoot me some tips! This baby held up all day with the help of my home made setting spray.

A look I created using the Age Defy Skin Perfector palette
Another beauty craze that has taken over the make-up world is our obsession with full lips. Oh yeah. I'm talking Angelina Jolie-got-punched-in-the-mouth looking lips, sorry Ange. Thankfully I have naturally full lips already and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge will never sweep me up, but I've always been curious about what a lip plumping gloss would do! Within a few seconds of applying this subtle rosy pink gloss my lips tingled (slightly), smoothed out and I was left feeling like a beautiful glazed donut.

I'm not the biggest gloss wearer as my hair just relentlessly sticks to my lips -duh- gloss is sticky, but it's a good compromise for feeling plump and moisturised all day. After trying this over Kylie's Koko K, I found this gloss sticks to lipstick for a lot longer than simply clean lips, so re-application is key if you want to wear it all day. My lips were fuller for around an hour or so but the length of time before re-applying will be different for you than it is for me!

For the price of £32 I thought that the Age-Defy palette* would be bigger, but that downfall is made up for in the pigmentation and coverage it gives with such little product. Never mind! A bonus to this palette is the size makes it perfect for touching up on the go (it has a mirror!) and there isn't wastage for the colours you may use less.

The lip plumping gloss* retails at £20, which sounds steep for one gloss but the formula is omega 3 enriched and actually does do what it claims. Being the most hydrating colour or tint I've worn on my lips in a long time, I'd say the price is worth it, I just wish there were more colour options as the formula is near flawless!

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*Studio 10 kindly provided the samples for this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own and go uninfluenced by anything but the product itself. See my disclaimer!

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