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I've been so excited to publish this post since I started chatting to the wonderful Jade, who describes herself as a dreamer, photographer, botanical enthusiast, lover, wanderer and creator. It's clear to see that she is unapologetically herself, shining light and positivity on other through the platforms she is given.  When I first came across Jade's Instagram and blog, I was uplifted by her sense of wonder and ability to keep herself grounded; the amount of compassion and understanding she has while educating people on taboo topics is that of someone much older. Drawn to her travel photos, veganism, activism and following that, YouTube videos, I had to learn more about her as an inspiration to share with you all. 

Seeing your Instagram and blog, you're quite the traveller! Is there anywhere in particular that has a special place in your heart/is the most memorable trip?
Hmm, that is a tough one! I suppose each place has a special hold on me and reminds me of different times of my life. I think of Bali and it reminds me of clarity, warmth and just the feeling of being light. I also adore Turkey, I spent two weeks travelling the country in 2014 and it was the most beautiful country I have visited. But honestly, probably number one would be England. It was my first overseas trip when I turned 18 and I met one of my best friends, Hannah there and just made connections with the people around me and the country. It's so wonderful and every time I think of England, I think of home. 
Jade and Hannah in Bali

Do you find it hard to eat vegan when traveling in different countries or have any tips for us?

Not at all, I found it super easy actually! Most places have fruit and vegetable shops or markets, so you can always stock up on produce! I love staying in Airbnb places, because I have access to a fridge and kitchen to store and make food! Most countries are really clicking onto the vegan/health "trend" that has come into light lately, so it's awesome to see lots of cafes popping up! The Happy Cow app is super handy while travelling too, it helps find vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the area! I always like to research my destination and the food places around it before I leave though :)

What made you go vegan? 
Well, I was vegetarian for a year prior to going vegan after watching "Earthlings". This is a powerful doco that really opened my eyes and helped me make the connection to the fact that the meat on my plate was in fact a life. Once I returned from Europe/UK in 2014, Michael had surprised me and went vegetarian while I was gone. So I guess we both started looking into going vegan, then we watched Gary Yourovsky's "Best Speech Ever" on YouTube and were blown away. There was literally no argument or excuse you could make, veganism is the answer.

I would recommend watching Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, Blackfish, Lucent, The Cove *etc. Veganism isn't just about not eating animals, it's about realising that we are all equal and that animals should not be killed, tortured, exploited etc for human greed!
(*a few of these are on netflix, check them out)

If there was one thing you could instantly change or improve about the world, what would it be?
Cliché, but I just want peace, so badly. It really hurts that there is so much anger, hatred and sadness in the world that is so overlooked. Imagine kindness instead of anger, love instead of hatred and happiness instead of sadness! It's hard to say what the leading cause it, you know there is racism, religion, greed...I just wanted to abolish all of these things and go back to our core values - love, compassion and peace! So yeah, in short I would just magically sprinkle peace upon every country on this earth! 

What/who inspires you?
It's hard to say what inspires me, I guess it's not a person per se, but more so what is around me. I am inspired by nature, by random acts of kindness, by love, by what is in front of me.

What would be your perfect day?
Hmm, tough one! Probably waking up early (but not being tired, just being completely wide awake), hugging Michael for a bit, then heading downstairs and the sun would be up and it'd be warm, so I could eat nice cream! Then I would go to the beach and dive, then eat a MAAASSSSIVE lunch (lots of avocado, nutritional yeast, tofu etc), then hang with all my friends and family at my parents farm and have a big vegan BBQ while the sun sets! Then all relax and sleep peacefully! 
You recently got engaged (congratulations! ♥ )  How did you meet Mike?
I did! It's so exciting, we get married on November 11 (11:11)! This is probably the least romantic story ever, haha, but we met when I was sixteen and he was nineteen at a nightclub that he used to DJ at. We caught eye contact and he eventually approached me and we exchanged numbers. He used to pick me up early from school and we would play computer games together. I guess for me, I think if "Koi No Yokan" which pretty much means upon meeting someone, you know it's going to be inevitable that you fall in love. It's been six years since I developed my teenage crush on him, around three years since we got together properly and now I can say I am marrying the love of my life. Love rocks so hard.

In one of your recent posts, you talked about disordered eating. What do you think is the first or most important step to recovery and self love?
I think the most important step is to remember that your image doesn't define you. Health is so much more important than vanity, I learnt this the hard way. It's hard to overcome disordered eating, but once you get past the initial hard times, it's so much better. I think veganism definitely helped, as it reminded me that food is there to HELP, not to hurt. I suppose everyone is on their own journey, but eating vegan 100% helped build a stable and loving relationship with food. 

You're also drug and alcohol free, I know many people are trying to do the same. Has this change, changed your attitude towards life? 😊
I am, it's great! Michael and I went sober roughly the same time. I don't class myself as being completely straight edge like Michael does, but I have no real desire to take drugs or drink alcohol, it's just not in my nature anymore. I was once in the stage of going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and taking drugs and drinking whenever the opportunity presented itself.  This left me depressed, tired and just unhealthy. I used to sleep all day and wake up the late afternoon and just lay in bed - what a waste! Going sober in 2015 really helped me with mental clarity and helped push me in the direction I was meant to be going in. I don't club anymore (unless I am supporting Michael at a once off gig!) and I think that is so much better for me. To me, those environments are toxic to my happiness. I have a life filled with purpose and happiness now! 

For my readers who are interested in beauty, what vegan make-up brands/products have you been loving lately?

I LOVE Inika's brow pencil in blonde bombshell and their highlight cream! My other favourite highlighters are by Eco Minerals and Hourglass. BareMinerals' complexion rescue cream & Pacifica's waterproof mascara and BB cream are also amazing! I love finding cruelty free labels and speaking with the company directly. I don't wear make up unless my skin is looking a little pale or run down, but when I do I love these products :) I have been collecting these items so I can do my own make up for the wedding and I think they all give a great natural glow!

What does beauty mean to you? 
Health and a happy smile!
You can find Jade over on Instagram and YouTube.

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