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My first two thoughts after receiving the invite to Bon Prix on the Rocks were something along the lines of 'OH MY GOD AN EVENT IN THE NORTH' and 'party time'! It's not often I get to doll myself up a little and go out (I'm in uni, I know it should be a regular occasion but clubs aren't my cup of tea) so I was super excited to choose my dress and get my best heels on.

We started the night with a warm welcome and some pictures on the stairs, mingling, gorgeous canapés of veggie goodness for me and bubbling prosecco. Might I mention the free wine? 

I chatted to almost too many people to name in one post which was sooo incredibly lovely as it's great to be getting to know people in the northern blogging scene, including some lovely gals I recognised already from Twitter such as Emma from Harmony Blaze and Bex, who I met at the Bloggers Blog Awards in October! 

After receiving a number when I arrived, we were split into two groups for surprise cocktail making! Even though I've worked on a few bars, I've never made a cocktail so this was a new, tipsy, sweet, hilarious experience haha. We made two cocktails through the night; a martini with a flaming orange peel and a gin spin on the Mojito, my favourite cocktail.

I took some videos which are still being edited into a vlog so keep your eyes peeled for that on my Youtube channel in the next few days!

Somewhere in the middle of drinking cocktail #2, everyone was cracking up over Mean Girls quotes (possibly the most quotable movie ever) and my dress definitely suffered a few spillages haha. I had to dip out a few minutes early which sucked because by this time I was so tempted to make a night of it, to stay in Leeds! The atmosphere of the whole night was great.

My dress fit beautifully to my shape, but I think I ordered a size too big! I did find a lipstick that matched the shade of red on my dress, SEVENTEEN's 'Roses are Red' which topped off the festive feeling to the outfit. Everyone looked beautiful and we realised that the dresses everyone had chose, somehow showed a little of our individual personalities.

Bon Prix on the Rocks was one of the best events I've been to for sure and now I'm in the festive mood! Thanks for the dress Bon Prix and thank you to Jennie for inviting me! You can see Bon Prix's write up on the post here. ♥ 

Are you off to any events this Winter? I'd love to hear about it!
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Photos: Matt, Search Laboratory

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