Do You Need a Niche to be Successful?

As bloggers, we're always told that we need a niche. Categorise your ideas so you can target them at a specific audience- but we're not robots who can tap out seven hundred words on only eyelashes or skincare every day. Beauty is one of the largest and most successful 'niches' out there but to that I say WHAT'S GOOD? Literally, what else is good? As people, we have other interests, hobbies, talents- and so do our readers.

I know it's helpful for people to know that if they need help with a specific topic, they can take a peep at your latest posts but do we really all need to be sorted to be successful? If our readers have different hobbies and obsessions, more interests than just beauty and lifestyle, surely we could and should provide for that too.

It can get a little boring constantly writing about the same thing, hence why I personally don't fit myself into the typical, ideal blogger mould. To me, it's better to be a one man band than a one trick pony, even if you're a magical pony who's really good at that trick.

You don't have to fit into the cliques that are already out there, it doesn't make you any worse a blogger, it doesn't mean that you'll never be successful.

Some of the greatest bloggers I follow have an eclectic mix of content on their blog from refined life advice, to rambling about where they went last week or their latest beauty obsession and I love it. To me, a blogger who isn't afraid to show more than one side of themselves is the most interesting!

My long time love is Rhianna from Robowecop. who covers everything from travel to beauty and life. Areeba from Not Your Type is another gal for blurring the line between niched posts and personal, inspiring thoughts (not to mention her amazing art).

Areeba's art journal
Niched blogs can be great in their own way, don't get me wrong, especially when the writer is talented like luxury-orientated Victoria from In the Frow or Tara from Cattitude & Co who talks about all things FEMALE from periods to equality, you name it (and some of her life). I love an easy on the eyes, curated Instagram too, but it doesn't make sense taking the most beautiful photo you've ever taken and never letting it see the light of day because it doesn't 'fit' your theme.

Let the world see just how extensively you can write and how much you can talk about topics people didn't even think you were aware of. Spread all the knowledge you have, it costs nothing! Debate and tackle things people are afraid of, niched or not.

Use your platform in a way that reflects you entirely and makes you happy, beam S U N B E A M S into your work. It's like I mentioned in my last post, "don't waste time talking about things you don't want to talk about".

So do you need a niche to climb the blogging ladder? Maybe you prefer to have one, or only read niched blogs. Maybe you like to ramble as I do and share alllllll of your crazy interests with everybody (I don't know where to stop haha). Whether you have a niche or not, as long as you're writing about what you like, likeminded people will value you and your writing for that. It's a win-win in my eyes.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments please, I'm super interested to hear everyone's opinions.

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