My Week in Perfect Plants | Earth Day 2017

banana leaf plant in a greenhouse

I've said it before, a lot of times actually... I love plants. There's this need rooted deep within me (bad pun intended) to fill everywhere I live with beautiful little plants. When I finally start moving into my new house it's definitely going to be stuffed with these awesome green things, from top to bottom. You might even have to bring hedge trimmers to get in through the front door. 

Perhaps its something about how they grow, or how I can see them flourishing more the better care I take with them. Just the fact that nature produces such crazy patterns and colours is a beautiful thing! Not only that but they make great painting reference for my sketchbook illustrations.

exotic flowers in greenhouse with wooden arch

It's Earth Day today and I figured since I've been so obsessed lately, why not share some photos of the wonderful, colourful plants I've spotted this week? Especially as I visited home at the beginning of this week and popped into this flower house in my local park. LOOK HOW MANY AMAZING COLOURS!!

I want to wear them all in my hair at once.

Since my birthday last month I've been testing my green thumb by growing herbs. Cooking is my idea of fun sometimes (I know, I'm old) so my boyfriend and sister both got me some seeds and kits to start growing my own. Great minds think alike! These are almost a month along now and Alex almost killed them all when I went away the other day so I had to resurrect them over Easter, haaaa. I'm growing sweet basil, parsley, coriander, mint and chives. Expect some awesome cocktail recipes come May with the mint!

three week old herb plant with wooden stick in

I'm one of those people who's obsessed by cacti too because there are just so many different kinds! I can very nearly neglect them and they still won't die, a lazy interior dream. This year we've been lucky enough to see some flowers come from them which only happens in the right conditions so I've been peeping at them everyday and making the most of it.

I keep them in the bathroom so that they can live in a more humid environment than the other house plants which is clearly working! The pink hues from these buds really breathe a little life into our bathroom which is currently a super clinical white (not bad at all for blog photos, woop).

ball shaped cactus with pink flowers

three week old mint plant in terracotta pot 
ball shaped cactus with pink flowers

ball shaped cactus with pink flowers

A few weeks ago I did something I'd been putting of for a long time, repotted all of these babies, made terrariums and took cuttings from a couple of the cacti- one of which is pictured above. It's no bigger than the top of my thumb, so cute!

Growing up in the Lake District means that lakes and rolling hills are other things I really love about nature. The peace of being by the lake on a hot day is pretty much as zen as it gets, or watching mist settle on top of the lake during a cold Winter morning. Indoor plants mean that I'm just that little bit closer to nature, even when living in the city.

Happy Earth Day! Which part of nature do you appreciate the most? 

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