My Copper IUD (No Hormones) | Three Year Update

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When I was 18 I decided to use the non-hormonal, copper IUD. Mainly for my sanity, as hormonal contraception was driving me up the wall and the perk of having no period wasn't enough to justify crying for no reason more often than I changed my underwear. YA FEEL?!

If you want to read about why I chose the IUD and how my experience was with insertion, aftercare and cramps then see here! The following is a little update and some answers to questions I've been asked about my IUD over the last year or so.

It's been three and a half years since having the non-hormonal coil (IUD) put in and I can no longer feel the strings, but I'm also not pregnant so no worries there! If you have the coil and can't feel your strings, chances are they've tucked themselves up around your cervix and it's nothing to worry about- but if for peace of mind (to check that it hasn't come out), you need a doctor to take a look then I'd recommend doing that. It's super quick and more strange than uncomfortable (a doctor feeling your inside) but worth it if you're worried. 

Three years on and I've not had any pregnancy, my periods settled to a regular pattern within about 6 months for the first time since I got them, even when I wasn't on anything at all, and my cramps are no harder to get through than they were as a teen. Some periods are slightly heavier than others but I believe that's just how my body works!

It used to freak me out to know that there's a little 'T' of metal in me, but I can't feel it at all and never have been able to.

I honestly haven't a single qualm about this method of contraception and I'm so happy that my body is on it's own natural cycle. When I was on the depo injection I would cry so often and feel so low. Ridding myself of artificial hormones is the best decision I've ever made for my body, along with deciding to go vegan, and I'd never, ever look back! 

My IUD expires in seven more years and I know that even though right now I wouldn't dream of having children before then, if I took it out my fertility would return to normal right away. What a perk. I should also mention that since getting the coil, the girls in my family and some of my friends have got it too and also had no problems!

If you have any questions about the copper coil/IUD feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail me! Nothing is too TMI, don't worry! xx


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