10 Things I Feel Grateful For Lately πŸ™Œ

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It can be hard sometimes, especially when in a routine of seeing the same things and people everyday, to feel grateful for the experiences that so quickly become mundane. Have you ever heard the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? To see value in the simplest of moments is just as valuable to our inner growth as knowing when to cut ties with negative sources.

When life gets slow or boring it's important to forcibly sprinkle gratitude into our everyday life in order to really appreciate things. Feel low? Gratitude. Feeling like life is unfair? Gratitude. Seeing the light in the lowest of situations is a skill that is soooo valuable to develop! It's how I stay happy! Of course, it's no cure for depression but sure helps me to keep my head above water. Know that you deserve to feel good! 

Here are some things I've been feeling grateful for lately:

Good health

Asthma and allergies may reign over me somedays but I'm grateful for good health and medication. The fact that I'm in a place where I have access to free doctors and nurses is amazing. Health truly is EVERYTHING, so I'm filled with gratitude that I can walk, talk, breathe and wake up okay!

My little plants

My bathroom is abundant in plants, from cacti to succulents in terrariums and the herbs I've been growing for the past few months. I was also gifted a bonsai tree for my birthday this year that I love so much! They breathe life into my house (literally) and watering them all everyday is somewhat therapeutic. 

The days when I'm not anxious

Since anaphylaxis in April I've had a couple of bouts of anxiousness each week. When I go a whole day or two without a tingly feeling or panic, it deserves the utmost appreciation! Focussing on the better days puts the bad out of my mind. I know I'll be back to 100% in no time at all.

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Morning coffee

The simplest of them all- a coffee in the morning. The taste of a good strong roast while still under the sheets, always with my boyfriend, is a moment I like to linger in. I'm grateful for the quiet, warm moments at the beginning of the day. Also for when I don't spill the coffee on my white bedsheets (never). 


You who is reading this. Very cheesy, I know, but thank you for reading my blog and spending time in this corner of the internet! It feels so great to be able to blog again after winding up my degree, and this space wouldn't be the same without you! The connections and friends I've made through this platform are so special to me. 

Sudden inspiration

Feeling suddenly inspired or motivated keeps me going! It can sometimes be weeks or days between hits of inspiration- some periods last longer than others and I'm grateful for every second of it and what my mind is capable of creating in those moments.

Good vegan food

All vegan food is good food, from these yummy pastry parcels to a quick scramble. I love you food. *drools*

The internet

Thank you, Internet, for the opportunity to share what I please, as I please and connect with people from all over the world. I often scroll Instagram mindlessly, but when the people I follow are brimming with ideas, have feeds filled with beautiful photography, it fills up that bucket of ideas to the brim. Social media platforms let me discover people who are likeminded, catch cute viral videos and with this I can see the smallest acts of compassion, the highlight reel of humanity.


Whether I'm floating in a body of it, tip toe-ing through rocks or sipping it from a bottle. Water is so fun to be in and gives me all types of energy (in my body and my soooooooul, groovy).

The Lake District

Although travelling is always on my mind, the Lake District always feels like home. Being here restores me, centres me and it's natural beauty is something to behold. I recently spent a day in Ambleside with my family. I feel so grateful to have that memory!

I challenge you to come up with three things you feel grateful for today and post them in the comments (bonus points for more). Lets share them with each other! Also check out Jade Phoenix's #GratitudeisYou tag- it's so uplifting!


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