HAIR | Removing Red, Blue Coming Through

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I've been through a couple of changes recently! After being red for a good 3-4 years I was a little sick of the lack-lustre colour and decided to switch it up. Blue has always attracted me as it's such a calm colour, though I'll probably always feel like a fiery redhead at heart. I know that removing colour from hair is something people struggle with (especially red) so here's how I did it!

First I stripped it, but as red dye goes into the hair instead of just on it, it stayed a pretty bad ginger colour, which was when we had to get my old foe bleach involved. Damn you peroxide! I bleached it with the help of a friend and after washing it all thoroughly, put conditioner in the lengths and kept it on overnight. My hair was pretty soft in the morning and hardly felt damaged at all!
The next day I bleached it again with the help of a different friend (yep, we all had a good go) and finally managed to get most of the ginge-tinge out, leaving it a weird blonde colour as you can see in the middle photo above. The black dye then went on (this is when I basically pooped myself. No regrets). Black was brushed into the roots and the hair that lays over my head, knowing that it would wash down into some of the rest of my lengths anyway. 

If you're going to dye half of your hair always remember to wash your hair while holding the ends in the air so that the darker dye doesn't run into them! The ache will be worth it.

My favourite and carefully selected blue dye was then slapped onto the remaining bleached hair and over some of the black (to create a blue tint) then left for half an hour (double the recommended time). I'm only using a semi-permanent dye for the blue as finding a permanent one is near to impossible! Here's hoping that mixing the dye in with my conditioner will make it last longer. This is the finished result!
I slept in blue tinted conditioner so my hair would feel less damaged and contemplated cutting the ends off again to refresh it but to be honest, it's not all that damaged despite the peroxide hammering it took! 

I know it's not quite winter colour time yet but since I chopped my hair off in this post, I've felt confident with branching out into different styles and colours. I'm thinking of keeping this blue for quite a while but already have more colours in mind for the future now I'm over the fear of losing the red. Make room red, Blue coming through.

Let me know what you think of this colour or if you have any dye brand recommendations! 
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