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There have been so many thoughts in my head lately that it's been a struggle to whittle them down into something readable for you guys, so I've tried to break them down into sections. This post might be a little bit of a ramble but the past week or two have been life changing, mind changing, I feel like my whole character and things I define myself by are morphing into something bigger and better. Here's a few notes for you:

Gratitude :

Lately gratitude has become not an act or a feeling of gratefulness but an emotion, a thing that I am. Surrounded by deadlines and stress currently, I've never felt more grateful in my life. Not in the sense that I was brought up to feel grateful (for food in my belly, a roof over my head) but grateful for the times when I'm simply nothing, but okay. Grateful for the simplest of days and the absence of anxiousness. 

Every single morning has felt like a blessing lately- coffee, little slits of sunshine through my curtains and the chance to experience a new day all over again. Running warm water over my face in the shower and how good a stretch feels after a long sleep, the sound of birds and my plants growing one by one on the windowsill, little by little everyday. SO grateful.

Moving :

It's that time of year again where I need to move house, so Alex and I have been looking for the perfect place. We viewed a place a few days ago that was lovely but a little small and they wanted us to move in a lot earlier than we could so that's most likely a noooooo, fingers crossed we find a place we love within the next month!

Necessities :

Along with moving house comes a huge throw out. I'm saving this for the week after my final deadline (I finish my degree this month, crazy!) so I'll be getting rid of so much unnecessary stuff. Honestly, the happier and more grateful I get for the fundamentals in life, the less I want all of this rubbish I seem to have accumulated since my last declutter. I don't think I'll be buying as much after this throw-out, and knowing that feels so great.

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Attraction / the art of allowing / coincidences :

I don't know if you're familiar with the 'law of attraction' or the 'art of allowing', but to put it very, very simply, it's the theory or idea that you can attract what you want in life by feeling and acting like you already have it. Whether it be money, friends, love, happiness, material items or ideas. Have you ever made a bet with yourself that something is going to happen to you and then it does? Or dreamt about something to have it happen to you? Sounds like some hippie bullsh*t but whether they're coincidences or not, I'm happy to have them happen to me. 

For example, a couple of weeks ago I was writing about missing old friends and out of nowhere a week later, an old friend who'd moved to the other side of the world was randomly back for a few days and asked to meet up! Another, I'd been worrying about jobs and graduating and an awesome opportunity came up that aligns with me leaving uni!

I'd been stressing about not being able to afford the little things and a week later I literally found some money, enough to cover most of my food shopping for the week. I also came across a one-off job, working at a drive-in cinema for a night (see above). All of this has happened since opening myself up to these experiences. All simply coincidences? Maybe, but I don't really care to question. :)

The World Map in my head / travel :

Travelling has it's grips on my mind again. Man I need to get out of this country. A camping trip is planned for summer already which is perrrrfect, I can't wait to be out in the wild with a campfire and nothing but some fabric between a sleeping me and the big-wide-world. As much as I adore festivals, I think this year I'll be giving them all a miss and heading somewhere with sunshine and lots of greenery instead!

The Good and the Bad :

I've come to realise that good and bad situations only appear either good or bad because of your perspective. Something that may be good for one person may be bad for someone else- one man's trash is another man's treasure sort of thing. When things that seem terrible happen to me, now, instead of throwing a fit and letting myself sit in sourness all day I put it into perspective. 

For example, I dropped my phone today and immediately got annoyed, then thought and realised that if a crack in my phone screen was one of my biggest problems then I have it pretty good. It all links back to gratitude I think, to just own a phone or have a bedroom floor to drop it on is pretty great, haha. It's all about being mindful of your thoughts and choosing what's worth feeling angry and upset about. 

Stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet and when you get mad realise that nothing externally has changed, that your emotions are something you build up in your head.

A diary entry about abundance


Everything is changing every day and I can't say for certain that a week from now I'll be the same, but that's what I love about learning right now. My mind is open and I'm soooo ready for more experiences, new days, travelling, appreciating the little things and finding joy within myself instead of things! 

I hope you're well and enjoyed this post! It's a little bit of a ramble and might not make a lot of sense to some people haha. Let me know what you've been thinking about lately!

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