Getting ready for Autumn with George | #JumpNJeans

Hello lovely people! I don't know about you, but here in the UK it's starting to creep into that time of year where the summer sun is deceiving, conkers are beginning to crack on the pavement and the leaves are slowly but surely starting to turn. I've decided to get down and cosy in George's transitional summer to autumn range*, readying myself for the inevitable cooler months ahead.

There's something lovely about watching movies on a rainy day in your favourite cosy jumper, but with the weather not being quite as arctic as usual yet, it's nice to have an in between with a cardigan like this. 

As I read the label, the thoughts of 'Please don't be angora, please don't be angora' (after the scandal with Topshop) were rumbling through my head but relief set in when I discovered that the only animal product in this is alpaca fur, one of the softest out there and always safely harvested. Is harvested the right word? You know what I mean. But the softness explains why I want to fall asleep in it every night! I don't doubt that a lot of the products in their transitional knitwear range also include alpaca fur- not great if you're vegan so check the label. 
I'm sure I'm not the only one familiar with the whole butt bigger than your waist scenario, which is a massive pain in the arse (literally) when choosing a pair of jeans. As a gal who swears by high waisted jeans, I was worried that I'd have to return the jeans that George so kindly sent over but they fit amazingly. I'm usually a 6 (if I'm having a good day)-8 on the waist and a 10-12 in the hips so I'm always trying on multiple pairs of jeans until I get it right. 

I chose a pair of distressed skinny jeans, my favourite style that can work from summer through to winter! The colour blue is dreamy and it makes a change from my favourite pair of grey jeans that you can see in this OOTD post. You can take a look at their wonderful denim range here!

I'd definitely recommend checking out their range if you're an AW lover like myself, as it's affordable, comfortable and each piece can be teamed up with almost anything to make your perfect outfit. 
What do you like to wear in that transition between Summer and Autumn? Will you be checking out George's new range? Follow me on Bloglovin'! 

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