Life in the Lakes: A Day Over-Sands

We had a sunny Saturday this weekend so decided to take a family trip into the Lakes with Mylo to make the most of the beginning of a new month. We're so lucky to live where we do, with the Lake District on our doorstep (although it does mean it rains quite a bit here), and Grange-over-Sands is a quaint little town with some beautiful views on a sunny day.

I expected it to be busier with the school holidays having started but we found a parking spot pretty easily, much to the dismay of Mylo who loved sticking his head out of the car window. Reminds me of a certain scene from Marley&Me!

We took a short tour of the park and I stuck my hands in a little clear pool off the side of the pond, the temptation to go swimming in open waters was too much in the summer heat and with everyone going on holiday, I feel a bit left out! Haha. One thing I really love about summer are the flowers, I'm a sucker for pretty colours and Grange is so well tended to, it's refreshing to see a town littered with crazy flowerbeds instead of rubbish!

Not far from the park is the promenade. It's about a mile long (more or less?) which we spent a while walking down before stopping at the cafe. Last time we came to the cafe I was on a 4 day, homesick home run from uni when I was working too much and felt run down, but the ice cream from this place is enough to make a punch in the face feel like a kiss and definitely cured me haha. English Lakes Ice Cream is by far the best, you need to try it if you ever visit us! Also try the bath salts from the Little Lakeland Soap Co, they're fantastic!

Four out of six of us had Thunder and Lightening flavour, if you don't know what it is it's a mix of cinder toffee pieces, chocolate sauce, caramel, and vanilla ice cream. I was trying to explain it to the girl in front in the queue but couldn't remember what was in it and sounded like an absolute idiot *insert cry-laughing emoji here*

We walked back and before heading to the car, stopped at the butchers for some sausages (Mylo was trying to get in the door but wasn't allowed. They're his favourite!) and found a really sweet little fruit/veg/and sweet shop where we got some potatoes. I picked up a couple of avocados which my sister and I made face masks out of yesterday, look out for that on the blog soon!

On the small journey home and I realised how much I've missed being surrounded by rolling hills and fresh air. I said in my New York post how I get tired of it and the opportunities it's had to give, but you can't deny how beautiful of a place the Lake District is when there are views like this, even on the drive home.

Have you been anywhere nice lately? Maybe you have a holiday planned? Let me know, I'd love to hear about it!

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