Taboo talk #1: Pro-choice, Meet Alfie

She's the one on the right, the other is me
Forgive this rather serious post, it's not something I'd usually post but as some of you may know, on the 6th August I became an Auntie for the first time! 

My nephew is called Alfie and was born fit and healthy at 12:06pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz. Usually, when I see this sort of information on Facebook or the likes, I'll scroll past and roll my eyes at it being another pregnant teen, however this time it was my younger sister.

We all got to meet him in the evening of his birth and held him for a while. They're both home now and I've been cooing over him so much. My sister Laura is 17 (only just...) and I remember going on a cold walk with her in winter, when we found out she was pregnant. We knew as well as anybody that this wasn't the best thing for her life. She's only young and was still in sixth form at the time, without any A-levels, re-sitting some GSCE's. She's so smart but suffers bad anxiety and had no means for a job in the future, so you can see where we're coming from with the 'not the best thing' attitude.

I'll admit to telling her on that walk, that she should get an abortion. 
Rattling out a list of the rich and famous, and not so famous that have had an abortion, pulling through like troopers, getting on with their lives we talked about it all. Months later plans were made (not forced!) and not executed because it wasn't what she wanted.

Holding a baby, a human, that is a piece of someone I love, literally, is the most weird and amazing thing that I still can't quite get my head around. I've never been a 'baby' person, never swooned over the little ones, but moved a few train carriages down if one started to cry near me so it's come as a shock to me that I actually want to be around this little bundle of cuteness, as weird as it makes me feel.

I almost feel bad for telling her that an abortion would be best. I've always been pro-choice and never pro-life as I believe that everyone should have a choice in what they do with their body. Hell, I even believe that the female's verdict rules over the male's, not because I am a female myself but because it is in her body. Not his.
It takes two to tango, so obviously things like this should be discussed when you become sexually active in a relationship and if you both trust each other enough to come to an agreement then that's brilliant and if it ever did happen to you, who knows, you might even change your mind depending on circumstance.

I've got two younger sisters and didn't understand any of this talk when they were born, from how life was created to there even being an option of aborting a baby! So my mind has ticked over for the past few months on the whole situation.

All in all, I'm still pro-choice even though I couldn't even dream of putting little Alfie out on the streets now! This is a big change as he'll be living with us but it's something we must learn to deal with, here's hoping he's arty and open-minded like his auntie ;) This has been a happy announcement on my other social media's so don't get me wrong, I'm loving my new title!

Where do you stand on the pro-choice v pro-life issue? I'd love to read your opinions in the comments, even if they conflict with mine!
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