6 Ways to Liven Up a Rented Room

Want to know something that makes me go crazy? Not having enough light in a room. My room in halls was at a weird angle and no matter what time of day, I'd always be peeking out into the courtyard full of light while my room remained dark. I had to liven up the room myself as best I could while dealing with the restrictions of renting.

I know a lot of you guys are either at uni or buying a little place of your own which is sometimes hard to actually make your own if it isn't livened up and opened out with those personal touches. It won't be quite like the apartments in Friends, but I've put together a few tips to make living in a rented space more you.

Plants. Listen to me? Plants. I can't stress enough how lovely a potted plant, some flowers or a couple of cacti can liven up a room. Pop one on your desk, on your windowsill or get a hanging one to place on a shelf. Bringing the outdoors inside can really breathe life into a place- literally. Take a look at this amazing little plant shop I came across.

They make the room feel bigger and reflect any lingering light all around the room. Get a large one and place it on the floor so it stands against the wall, or you can get a full length hanging one for over the top of your door from here.

Open your windows
Letting fresh air in will not only make the room smell nicer and feel less close but it'll perk you up and make you happy on those long days at the desk. If your town has some kind of bug revolution, buy some cheap white mesh or a bug net to stop the critters setting up camp on your carpet.

Decor such as: bookshelves, wall hangings (you can buy pretty square scarves from the market or art prints from Etsy, often for cheaper than you think) and photographs can liven up a place and add a personal touch at the same time.

Keep your door open
At any time when you're in the room and don't need to shut people out, prop the door open with a wedge. If it's a fire door, this isn't recommended but I'm sure you're not going to create fire hazards around the house. This will make you feel more in touch with the 'outside world' and hey, the more people in the room, the livelier it is, right?

Have a big chuck-out of everything you don't read, wear or use. If my mum is reading this then she's laughing because I'm a massive hoarder but when I want space, I want space. Don't forget that you can also store things under your bed to make more floorspace. The more surface area in your room, the better.

What do you do to breathe life into a place?
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