Week Journal #2 | Wedding with a View

I'm guilty of posting this almost two months too late as I couldn't get hold of my photos but it's wedding season! Or so I was told by my television last night, after attending a beautiful wedding in my home of the Lake District. I briefly mentioned this trip in my last Week Journal (which I'll eventually start posting every Sunday instead of sporadically) where I visited my gran and had coffee.
I can tell you, I drank a lot of coffee that weekend.  My dad got married on the 4th September to a wonderful woman called Debs. They've been together for a number of years, she's lovely and I couldn't be happier that they got married (finally). Prepare yourself for a LOT of pretty photos!

The ceremony was short but sweet and took place in Kendal. My dad, being from Scottish descent wore a kilt with the Hamilton tartan (I don't know much about tartan but he wore a specific one) in honour of my gran's maiden name and his ancestry. I wore a dress from AX Paris that I'm totally going to re-use for winter nights out with my black JC's!
After the ceremony we took the hour drive to 'Docker's pop-up hotel', a barn conversion deep in the Lake District but not far from Keswick. My dad and his friends cooked an awesome three course meal after we'd all unpacked and popped celebratory champagne.
Starters were salmon and treacle, another fish and whiskey, or ham (and a fruit which was either apricot or plum, I can't remember) stuffed with avocado. Main was the classic roast dinner which I always love and for pudding we had gooseberry fool. Dad had been to Provence for his holiday in June and picked up loads (I mean TONNES) of wine which we drank with every meal and afterwards.
The next morning we got up from our rooms and were greeted by the smell of coffee from the Nespresso machines. I can't even begin to tell you how much I need one of these, if anyone wants to donate feel free as caramel coffee is my new addiction! After much chilling with an awesome view of the fells, we headed into Cockermouth- stop laughing, and Keswick with my cousins.
We discovered some vile sour sweets, my mouth is physically tingling as I think about them, in a sweet shop and hunted around a little craft fair where a drunk guy was haggling a woman out of five quid. 
Joshes 'sour sweet' face
Before we knew it, it was time to head back for an absolute feast and more beer! I don't even know the names of all the food we ate that night but it was brilliant. A few more guests arrived and we all got pretty tipsy, I told my sister some stories and danced with my ex-boss hahaha.
Feeling pretty heavy but not too bad the day after, I managed to get up in time for breakfast and sat outside. The only thing about the great outdoors that I actually HATE is BUGS. There must have been a wasps nest somewhere because they wanted me, my coffee and the blue in my hair. Honestly! What do wasps even do?!
Dad had rented the place out for another night but with me still being unable to drive I had to get a lift home that afternoon with some other family who had work on Monday. I'd have loved to stay, believe me, the rooms were rustic and beamed with little poky windows and beautiful wooden floor. Possibly the cosiest night's sleep I've had in a while happened there! Look at all the stars!
The weekend went quite quickly but as I don't get to see my dad that often, it was nice to make a few days out of the event. I'm nothing but happy for them both!
Have you been to any weddings lately? What would your dream wedding be like?
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