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Hello everyone! I wanted to share a bit of happiness with you today as lately my illustration projects have been revolving around positivity. I'm feeling fab as I recently hit 100 followers, I know this is barely anything in the big bad blogosphere but it means so much to me that a whole 100 of you want to follow my rambles and day to day life so thank you!

In the last week (for a brief set my uni) I've made a set of 3 postcards each with a different positive mantra or message on. As a second part of the project, I've been sending them out for free! Unfortunately I've actually reached my budget limit on what I can afford to send out for free but I'm selling them for £1.30 a piece over on my Etsy store. 60p from each postcard will be given to a charity of my choice and each postcard will come with a personalised, chirpy note or doodle on the back.
You can order them for yourself or for a friend who needs a pick-me-up. I'll post them to anywhere in the world. If you'd like something specific written on the back then let me know and I'll do that for you! The ones pictured above are a little creased from being in my sketchbook but the real ones will be printed on thick matte paper. You can use them as a reminder, bookmark, framed piece or just to put your cup of tea on.
I hope this is something you can get on board with, we all need a pick me up every once in a while! Click here for your positive postcard.
What makes you happy? Have you achieved anything you're proud of lately?
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