VLOG | My First Vlog- eek!

I’m  excited and so so nervous to show you guys this! Like most of the bloggers I’ve spoken to, I watch YouTube and many of you guys I know have YouTube accounts too. For me, the last time I uploaded anything edited and properly put together on YouTube was probably 2008 and something like my friend and I doing a crazy skit with some really bad split screen editing. As I’m back on the blogging train (see this post) I thought I’d go head on and try vlogging! I’ve done it before, just not talking to the camera- a lot of the videos I used to upload were days out and I even recorded an entire weeks trip to Germany and back before I knew ‘vlogging’ was a thing. Maybe I’ll put clips of those in future videos?
Also as I'm going traveling in the next couple of years I want some ‘practice’ so I feel more comfortable filming all these amazing countries to share and look back on. So this is more for me than it is for anyone else!

I didn’t do a lot on the day this was filmed and I look pretty gross throughout but hopefully if you guys like it. The whole thing is recorded on my iPhone so nothing fancy! I’m too nervous about showing my make-upless face (I really don’t look great in this video but I’m conquering this fear) to the world of YouTube at the mo so it’s unlisted and you can only see it by clicking through my link in this post. Hope you guys like it and my incredible awkwardness. I'll get better as it as I make more!

The coconut oil I've been using is from ASDA/Tesco/Waitrose.
You can buy Candy K here when it's restocked.

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments! Was so nervous to upload this!
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