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Exactly a week and a day ago I attended the wonderful Bloggers Blog Awards hosted by Hayley. I'd only been to one blog event before this, a secret event hosted by Mary so I was a little nervous at first but arranged to meet my new best friend (hey I've decided), Jess, at Leeds station beforehand.

After very little convincing, Laura decided to come along with me as she's just started a blog of her own this summer and we don't get to hang out a lot while I'm at uni! She's my 'little' sis but look how tall she is compared to me, even without those heels haha. 

The event was held at Canal Mills in Leeds, an awesome punk looking warehouse with instagrammable lights, art and exposed brick walls. On arriving we signed into a little guest book which was a sweet personal touch and let me know who was there already! Got my stalking mode on.

My complimentary glass of prosecco went down a TREAT lemmie tell ya. As did the rest of the ciders that somehow made their way into my hands. I'm not even a big drinker anymore- I don't go clubbing because it bores the hell out of me, but there's no way anybody can pass up a celebratory drink especially when you're surrounded by so many talented, exciting people.

After an hour or two of mingling, fangirling and hugs, the awards announcements began.

I'm so so stoked and happy for everyone who received an award, it's clear that everyone deserved it and the cheers from the girls and guys in the room showing support for their favourite bloggers made my day.

It's crazy how you can have never even met someone in real life before yet feel so happy for them when something good comes along. Maybe one day I'll be up for an award! Not likely with the talent this year but a girl can dream!

On the vibe of achievements, I've been put on  Blogosphere Magazine's list this season for In The Spotlight and it'd mean the WORLD to me to be featured in their magazine, so if you like my blog please drop a comment on this post telling them so! Let me know if you do :*

Vix told us a wonderful poem which you can see in my vlog, Amy gave her thanks in possibly the best accent I've ever heard and I wooped so loud for Katy, even though she couldn't make it.

The awards were soon over and it was time for the raffle. All of the raffle proceeds went to a cat shelter so I could totally justify spending £10 on tickets. Thanks kitties. 

Usually I don't win anything so I was super surprised when my ticket was called twice and I received some gorgeous skincare products from Urban Veda and Tuscany Candles worth a mint. Laura didn't win anything so I split my prizes with her, while Jess walked away with a bag of AMAZING goodies for her 'Losing face' Leo meme.

It's so nice that I'm now able to put voices to the tweets and blogs I read everyday. There wasn't one person I met who wasn't lovely- I love you ALLLLLLL. 

For real though, Laura had one thing she'd change about the Bloggers Blog Awards and that would be opening up a category for parenting bloggers! I'd love to see some new mums and dads on the scene getting recognition. It must be so difficult to parent a child and run a blog, I can barely look after myself and do what I want to do haha.

For my second blogging event I feel so lucky to have been able to chat and be inspired by amazing bloggers (big and small), I love that everyone was on a level, just there to have fun and support each other... while drinking a lot of wine.

If there ever comes a chance to meet everyone again I'm going to jump right on it! Not that my love for the blogging community has ever faltered but yesterday made me realise just how wonderful it is to be a part of such a huuuuge network of friends (yeah you're all my buddies now) that actually care about what you have to say and support you regardless. If only the event had ran for longer or I'd had the chance to talk to everyone!

Recognising so many faces from online and getting to know people in real life really broke the 'fourth wall' of blogging for me. We are all ACTUAL people who need to meet up hella more often. I can't wait for next year.

What's the best blogging event you've ever been to?

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